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At 83 years old Ridley Scott seems to be in better shape than ever. After the premiere of ‘The Last Duel’, a medieval drama about the culture of rape and consent, the director of ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) delves into the history of the gucci family, one of the most complex dynasties in the fashion world.

‘The Gucci House’ reflects one of the most media events of the 90s, the murder of Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the founder of the Italian haute couture brand, at the hands of a hit man hired by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani. The leading couple, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga They dazzle in this soap opera that uncovers many of the ins and outs of the Gucci family, a script created from the book House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor, and Greed, by Sara Gay Forden.

Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Al Pacino O Jeremy Irons complete the cast of this film: a journey through the life of a man (and a woman) surrounded by success, luxury and, as in all good families, betrayals and misunderstandings.

After her film debut in 2018 by the hand of Bradley Cooper (‘A Star Is Born’), Lady Gaga returns to the big screen to approach “like a journalist” to the “Black widow of Italy”. “[Patrizia Reggiani] I was a real person, but also a person who lied in many interviews, so I wanted to be able to decide for myself, “says the actress and singer at the virtual press conference that Cadena SER has attended.

One of the most curious anecdotes that Gaga revealed during the meeting with journalists has to do with one of the methods she used to embody this woman: “In terms of the physicality of my performance, I had three different animals that I worked with. At the beginning of his life he was a cat, a domestic cat, in the middle of the movie it was a fox, so I studied how foxes hunt. In the end I studied panthers. By the third act of the film, she turns into a big cat. Somehow, first they seduce and then they pounce ”, explains the singer and actress.

“I believe that Gucci for Patrizia was a way to survive. An opportunity to matter in a way that she had never mattered before in her entire life, ”says Gaga. “If she mattered to her husband, in the sense that she believed she could be valuable, advise him in his efforts to inherit half the company.”

The film, shot in an almost theatrical way and structured in three acts, has allowed one of its protagonists, Adam Driver, to focus on the performance and forget about the positioning of the cameras. As for his character, Maurizio Gucci, the chameleonic actor has spoken of the journey he had to make to play someone who starts from “the most honest” and then becomes “who he is supposed to be.” In addition, Driver maintains that Maurizio is “seduced by an amazing creature with whom he falls in love, who takes him out of the way and is not really himself again.”

The actor, who was also present in the cast of ‘The Last Duel’, mentions the relevance of the script in his creative process: “For me it is very important to shape it over several weeks before starting to shoot to be very clear about what we are saying to each other ”, he points out. “Although when you work with great actors you have to feel comfortable because you have documented yourself and there is nothing else you can do.”

Salma Hayek is in charge of giving life to Pina Auriemma, the fortune teller who will finally create a friendly bond with Patrizia. “It was a lot of fun acting with Lady Gaga. It always surprises and challenges you. I love his imagination and how brave he is, the decisions he makes on every line, ”says Hayek. The Mexican actress, who premiered the new Marvel installment, ‘Eternals’ this month, has known the director’s wife, Giannina Faccio, for 20 years and assures that she has “seen her struggle” to find the best screenwriter to write. this story. “She wanted to tell the story of a woman who maybe everyone sees as a gold digger but who is really in love with that man,” she maintains. “It is a story that talks about love and how far you can go for love.”

For his part, Jared Leto, who plays Paolo Gucci, Maurizio’s cousin and designer of the house, has dedicated a few words of admiration to Ridley Scott, assuring that for him ‘La Casa Gucci’ has meant working with one of his heroes: “We all have those movies that we connected with when we were young. ‘Blade Runner’ was a movie that changed my life. It captured my imagination and helped me fall in love with cinema, ”says the actor.

After the premiere of ‘The last duel‘and the imminent arrival in theaters of’ Gucci House ‘, Scott will begin filming his new film,’ Kitbag ‘, at the beginning of 2022. Until the arrival of his next film, it only remains to delve into the stormy universe of this family .


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