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Formerly they were called couturiers and dressmakers. The term has become old, as modern people would say. The word design, applicable to so many subjects, replaced it. And the best of the guild also long ago acquired the attribute of stars and artists. Nobody sensible will deny to some of them the impact on many orders of life that their inspiration and their work have achieved, the fashions they create, the identification of many people (excluding, of course, the vulnerable, who have now decided the invulnerable. denominate the poor of all the life) with the clothes that these invent. The biographies of the fashion gods tend to be stormy. Halston was devoured by drugs, Alexander McQueen committed suicide. A cold psycho shot Gianni Versace. An abandoned and vengeful wife, with dangerous thunder, anxious from a young age for the power, money and glory that marrying one of the heirs of the Gucci empire would bring her, hired two mercenaries in 1995 to kill her disenchanted and already disdainful husband.

Ridley Scott, 83-year-old man who has accumulated work (a month ago his previous film, the remarkable The last duel), convinced that the subject was tasty, he tells this story of sordid overtones, in a very powerful, successful family, with a spectacular level of business. Here, one of the sons of the founder of Gucci asserts with naturalness and self-conviction that his family is comparable to the Borgias and indeed both accumulated power, wealth and influence, but also gave each other snapshots of all kinds, betrayals, conspiracies, murders. But the dark Borgia marked the history of Italy. Gucci’s wonderful silk, shoes and bags may be perishable, and his lavish business quickly passed into other hands, other managers, other creators.

I have a serious problem with this movie, whose 150 minutes is long for me. And it is that none of his characters is lovable to me, I feel immune to his alleged magnetism. Many things happen in the desire of the members of this family to control the business, there are pretentious fools and skillful merchants, some who tried to stay out of the struggles and who discovered their addiction to the throne. And in the middle, that disturbing, eccentric and maneuvering woman who decides that the road can be cut off in a lethal way. But I do not care about all of them, I am not in the least fascinated by their personality, what they say, think and do, their past, their present and their very black future. His intrigues are very poor and I am not seduced by the tone between satirical and manners that Ridley Scott prints. It is a monotonous and useless movie.

After the discovery as an expressive actress, with a transparent personality, of Lady Gaga in A star has been born, on The Gucci house He confirms that he has other resources, that he can assume various types, including the very rare ones. Adam Driver is the fashionable guy, but there is something about him that is burdensome to me. Ridley Scott draws on heavyweights like Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons to cover for the clan’s patriarchs. They don’t add anything special to this forgettable movie.


Address: Ridley Scott
Interpreters: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek.
Gender: drama. EE UU, 2021.
Duration: 150 minutes.

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