The Government will promote a plan against the exploitation of minors

The Government has proposed to promote an “urgent shock plan” against the exploitation of minors given the seriousness of the latest known cases in centers supervised by various communities and the one month term to present it to the autonomies for their approval, since they are the ones that have the competence in this area.

The Secretaries of State for Equality and Social Rights, Ángela Rodríguez and Nacho Álvarez, met this Friday with heads of communities, eight other ministries and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) to coordinate a response “in extreme gravity” of known cases in Madrid, Valencian Community or Balearic Islands.

We can’t look the other way, it is an issue in which we all have to be responsible and the institutions have to collaborate”, said Rodríguez, who has expressed the Government’s concern about an issue that it will address with a view of child protection and also feminist , “because the victims are girls”.

Training, action guide and reinsertion plan

As they have advanced, the plan will include specific measures that have to do with the fight against sexual violence and sexual exploitation in particular, based on three pillars: professional training who work with minors, action guide in these cases and a plan of reintegration socio-labour.

From the Ministry of Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez has explained that the plan “seeks to guarantee that the juvenile reception system safeguards their rights and the best interests of the minor” and has insisted that “it is a common problem, which not only affects one or two communities, but sometimes occurs in many places”.

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The initiative will affect the training of professionals so that they are able to detect cases of sexual exploitation or any form of violence against women.

In addition, he works on the preparation of a guide to know what to do in a situation of this type. “There are already many action protocols in relation to the different types of violence suffered by minors, but in the face of sexist violence we are going to do clearer instructions about referral protocols and what resources victims can turn to,” Rodríguez detailed.

Within the socio-labour insertion plan for women in the context of prostitution of the Ministry of Equality, a part will be allocated to work with the girls and adolescents, in this case through a social and educational insertion plan.

Move towards a system that prioritizes foster care

Along the same lines, Social Rights is preparing the protocols provided for in the law on the protection of minors and in a strategy to move towards a system where Family fostering of minors is prioritized and there are few who reside in residences.

For this, they have been allocated to Childhood 200 million euros of European funds until 2023 and 25 million euros from the general state budget for the application of the new children’s law, specified from this department.

Protected minors, an easy target for sexual exploitation networks

“We are going to continue working in the coming weeks, with the contributions of the communities; it is a problem that we have been facing for a long time and solutions have to be coordinated“, Álvarez assured at the end of this first meeting called to advance towards that shock plan.

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The Secretary of State for Social Rights has recalled that some of the funds have already been transferred to the communities within the strategy of deinstitutionalization of social services.

They give a month

The measures planned by the Government together with those that, as Álvarez and Rodríguez have pointed out, are also proposed by the communities, will be worked on in different meetings which will take place in the coming weeks. Both have described the dialogue held as “very positive” and hope that “within a month” the “definitive proposal” is ready and “from there” it can be approved within the framework of the sectoral conference.

Finally, the Secretary of State has recalled that you cannot fight against sexual exploitation” without putting measures against “the pimp industry” that, as indicated, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the UN or the Council of Europe, warn that in the country it acts “with total impunity.”

From your point of view, “chase the pimps” and fighting against “criminal strategies to recruit girls” is “essential” and, in his opinion, the necessary tools that institutions can implement are possible with the approval of the Law of Guarantees of Sexual Freedom, known as the Law of ‘only yes is yes’. “We need it to be approved as soon as possible,” he acknowledged, before asking for the support of political formations on this issue.

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