The Government will approve a credit of 1,000 million euros

The Council of Ministers this Tuesday will approve an extra credit of 1,000 million for military expenses presented by the socialist wing, despite the rejection of its government partners, United We Can.

Executive sources told RTVE that “as announced by the President of the Government, will fulfill its responsibility and solidarity to strengthen European security and deterrence capacity in the face of the real threat posed by Putin.”

“All the ministerial departments were informed of the proposal at the meeting of the General Commission of Secretaries of State and Undersecretaries that was held last week. The proposal was studied and validated without any type of intervention against it,” added the same sources.

This decision deepens even more in the differences between the partners of the Executive on the increase of the cost in Defense. From Podemos they reject this initiative and ask the PSOE for “courage” in the face of the next General State Budgets. Ione Belarra, leader of the party, has called on the Socialists to “redirect course” with more social policies instead of “spending money on weapons at the request of a foreign power.”

The increase in military spending proposed by the Socialists has generated another gap within the Government. From United We Can they have announced that they will vote in the Congress of Deputies against sending more US destroyers to the Rota naval base, a pact they reached last week with the aim of “strengthening the southern flank” of the Atlantic Alliance.

In an open intervention before the State Coordination Council of Podemos, the general secretary of the party has reproached Pedro Sánchez for wanting to increase investment in defense until reaching 2% of GDP in 2029, as announced on the sidelines of the NATO summit last week.

In his opinion, “our country does not need to buy bombs and fighter planes”, but measures to improve the lives of families and avoid the “massive impoverishment” caused by the pandemic crisis first and now the economic crisis derived from the invasion Ukrainian Russian.

Díaz demands that these issues be addressed in a “serene” way

The second vice-president, Yolanda Díaz, has responded to the Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, that the increase in military spending planned by the PSOE has no repercussion on Navantia’s activity in Ferrol, but rather that, for the most part, goes to the acquisition of new weapons and troop protection services.

In this way, he has demanded that his coalition partner address a debate on matters related to Defense in a “serene” manner, with “respect” allies and, above all, paying attention to “reality” about the impact of the increase in the military budget that is being considered.

This was indicated in statements to the media after attending the presentation of the monographic issue of the magazine ‘Temas’ for the debate on ‘Participatory Socialism: around the concept of Thomas Piketty’, together with the head of the Treasury, María Jesús Montero, and the president of the Sociological Research Center, José Félix Tezanos.

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