The Government, on the agreement with the carriers: “We have avoided days of certain collapse” | Hour 25 | Present

The National Road Transport Committee (CNTC) of goods has called off the lockout scheduled for December 20, 21 and 22 after reaching an agreement with the Government late this Friday. The strike was called a month ago to protest the rising cost of fuel and working conditions in the sector and could have put the supply and distribution in check in the key week prior to the Christmas festivities in the country. The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, has valued the agreement reached at ‘Hour 25’.

The agreement to end the strike

The Council of Ministers will report on the content of these measures that have been negotiated during these weeks and that have allowed us to reach a historic and strategic agreement.

The constant and fluid dialogue work must be recognized and valued. We had already started working on a plan. We have given support to all these measures, some are structural and others are more specific and help us to correct certain asymmetries. It is true that perhaps there was a power relationship that put truckers at a disadvantage.

Loading and unloading

It is still a pact between private parties, but the law can clarify the conditions of that pact. The law established that it was an obligation of the shipper unless otherwise, what has really been shown is that there was some imposition of the shippers and that has led to a legislative change. We have always had issues like this on the table that we have never closed ourselves to. This negotiation period has served to specify them.

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It cannot be imposed and it is absolutely forbidden for the carrier to load. There are exceptions linked to the activity itself, but they will be highly valued exceptions and covers that demand made by the sector. It will be possible to agree between the parties, but it has to be in conditions that are not of abuse or inequality. In those terms it will be drawn up and will satisfy the demands of the truckers.

Payment for use of highways

We have always maintained that the payment for use on the highway will not be charged if it is debated and there is consensus. It is a commitment that is not new at the moment, but it is worth remembering it and giving that certainty.

We want to present the general lines of the model and what we have committed ourselves to is to initiate a transparent, broad and loyal dialogue. A model must be proposed that solves situations in metropolitan environments, rural areas, etc.

The end of the strike

There was concern and during all these days we received many calls. It is logical, citizens also had a feeling of uncertainty and on dates like these that feeling worsens. We have avoided days of certain collapse and I think we can be very satisfied. There are temporary situations and causes, but our will is always to dialogue. We are a government that acts and responds.

The opinion of the carriers

For his part, Carmelo González, president of the National Transportation Committee, has signed the agreement: “I believe that there are many points that have been solved, with many hours of work, such as the prohibition of loading and unloading, the fuel adjustment, the application of professional diesel, etc. A series of demands that we understand to be positive for the sector and we congratulate ourselves for it. We have ended up satisfied with a negotiation since 11 in the morning. “

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