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The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández Peñalver, has referred in the SER to the use, during the metal strike in Cádiz, of an armored tank of the IPU, the Police Intervention Unit, to deal with the pickets. Fernández Peñalver has defended that the action of the security forces in these 8 days of strike has been “provided “, and as an example, he has assured that” there is no need to regret the injuries, and only two detainees among the protesters “:” The action is being balanced “, he has assured, and has insisted on the” good relationship “between Police, Guard Civil and protesters.

The Government delegate in Andalusia has not answered the question of who gave the order to use the tank in the streets of Cádiz, and has defended that “it is a means that is available”, that “it is not equipped with means of attack”. He has preferred not to call it a tank, and has referred to it as a “vehicle” that “is not military”: “It is only armored, with more resistant wheels and a shovel for when there are pickets.”

“It does not have elements of attack”

Pedro Fernández Peñalver has assured in the SER that it will only be used “if there is a difficult situation “,” when there may be an attack “,” to preserve the security of the Police or third parties. “” It is a vehicle with greater resistance because it is armored but does not have elements of attack, “he reiterated.

Fernández Peñalver has assured that the armored “It will only be used in specific moments of a situation of maximum tension “, and has referred to the eighth day of the strike that takes place this Tuesday:” We trust that today it will not have to be used. ”

Call for “calm”

At ten o’clock in the morning a concentration of students is scheduled at the Puertas de Tierra, who will join the demonstration that UGT and CCOO have called from the Plaza de Asdrúbal to the headquarters of the employer along the main avenue of Cádiz. On the latter, he has called for “calm” and has shown his desire for it to be a “peaceful” demonstration, in which the right “to demonstrate and the safety of people and public spaces” is “compatible”.

Pablo Iglesias denounces the “ideological bias” in the IPU

The use of the tank was also referred to in the SER Pablo Iglesias. At Agora from Hora 25, Iglesias said: “The tank thing bothers me.” The former vice president denounced in the Aimar Bretos program that “in the IPU’s interventions there is an ideological bias. We only see this when workers, defenders of education and public health demonstrate … when we have seen the extreme right manifest this does not occur”.

Where do we see police charges?


After the incidents in Cádiz, we review recent episodes in which the police were ordered to be charged and in which they were not.

The chronicle of José Luis Sastre. / CHAIN ​​SER

The general secretary of FICA UGT Cádiz, Antonio Montoro, also has harshly criticized the police action and the deployment of a tank in the neighborhood of Río San Pedro. “We are being coerced by the police in the work centers, not letting the pickets reach,” Montoro has censored, who has wondered if “the employer expects there to be a misfortune to find a solution.”

The indefinite strike in the metal sector of the province of Cádiz reaches this Tuesday, November 23, its eighth consecutive day after ending without agreement the third meeting convened by the Ministry of Employment, Training and Autonomous Work of the Junta de Andalucía with the Federation of Metal Companies of the province of Cádiz (Femca) and union representatives.

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