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In the midst of political controversy over the situation of the family that has asked their son for more instruction in Spanish at a school in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) and the Government have addressed the Generalitat to try to guarantee the protection of the minor.

After a judge recognized the family’s right to 25% education in Spanish, the TSJC has requested the Minister of Education, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, and the school director to “preserve the protection of privacy” of the student and of the parents, as well as “the normal coexistence and the peaceful unfolding of the educational environment”.

In addition, it has given the department ten days to justify the measures to comply with the obligation to teach 25% of the classes in Spanish to this student’s group, while the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has decided to investigate whether the messages posted on social networks Against that family they may constitute a crime of incitement to hatred or discrimination.

For her part, the Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, has contacted the Minister Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, to whom she has expressed “all her support” to avoid “any type of harassment in this case or another” that It happens in a school in Catalonia or anywhere else in the country.

The Government, through the mouth of its spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has expressed its rejection and condemnation of “any harassment that may have occurred”, it has stated that “the languages ​​of the state are an element that enriches us and that they contribute diversity” and has accused the Popular Party of “using any matter to make opposition.”

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In turn, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, in addition to condemning “any type of harassment”, has assured that he does not share the criteria used by the family because he does not believe that Castilian is in danger anywhere in Spain but rather, “In fact, it enjoys enormous privileges over other types of languages.”

The situation itself, but above all these statements by Garzón have led to a new heat of the political controversy, in which the national spokesman of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has made the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, call a commission of hate crimes for an “alleged homophobic aggression that was not such” in Madrid and do not do it when they “harass” a child and his family in Canet de Mar for “wanting to study Spanish.”

In response to Garzón’s opinion on Spanish, Almeida has commented that “if they are threatening, intimidating, coercing, raping a five-year-old boy because he wants to study in Spanish and the Justice in Catalonia asks that he be protected, man, well there must be some danger. “

The PP, in addition, has again offered its senators to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to apply article 155 of the Constitution on education in Catalonia in this case, while the President of Ciutadans (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia Carlos Carrizosa has advanced that he will sue the Minister of Education if he “persists” in not complying with the sentence that stipulates 25% of Spanish in schools.

“Giving autonomy” to educational centers is what the spokesperson for the PSC-Units group in Parliament, Alícia Romero, has defended so that, “depending on the sociolinguistic environment, they decide” how to apply “in the best possible way” and with “pedagogical criteria” the sentence of 25%.

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Meanwhile, the families of the school involved, who are opposed to the center teaching a quarter of the subjects in Spanish, have issued a statement in which they have denied “any type of harassment” and have assured: “We have no interest in knowing who it has been the complaining family “.

In the statement, the parents claim an educational model in Catalan, as “provides for the educational and linguistic project that we choose for our children – underline -” and claim to be “above all political controversy.”

The unions USTEC, Intersindical CSC and Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) have also expressed their position, requesting, together with the organization Plataforma per la Llengua, that the Generalitat assume responsibilities in favor of the future of the Catalan language in Education.

Demonstration of about 500 people

The demonstration this Friday afternoon in Canet de Mar (Barcelona) against the judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has been dissolved after gathering 500 people.

The march, organized by the Union of Students of the Catalan Countries (Sepc) and the Intersindical · Csc, has started from the vicinity of the school and has gone to the library located in the center of the town. There, the protesters have cut the N-II for a few minutes, without affecting traffic, which was already cut by the Local Police.

The mayor of the town, Blanca Arbell, of ERC, has regretted telephone threats against the council and the school, and has denied pressure on the complaining family.

Junts and the CUP have called the sentence an “attack on the Catalan school model”.

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