The Government asks “as soon as possible” for the meeting between Sánchez and Aragonès


The Minister of the Presidency of the Government of CataloniaLaura Vilagrà, has warned that the meeting between the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, and the Catalan Pere Aragonesto channel the situation after espionage to independence through pegasus must be “sooner” because “the situation is very critical and very serious.”

Vilagrà spoke in this way in an interview on RNE after Friday Sanchez and Aragones will be summoned to arrange a meeting when they coincided in an act of the Cercle d’Economia in Barcelona. A brief and tense meeting in which both showed a serious face that came just one day after the CNI confirmed that it spied on Aragonès and 17 other independentistas with judicial authorization.

“We hope that the meeting will be soon because we have to clarify many elements”, has influenced Vilagrà, who has demanded that assume responsibilities and “the guarantee that this will not happen again, because communication interceptions are a very serious event” and there are “many unknowns”. He has also recalled that a large part of the espionage on more than 60 independence leaders was without judicial authorization.

For the councillor, “The place is not important” where the meeting takes place, whether in Barcelona or Madrid. The important thing, he assured, is “get to the end” and that Sánchez give Aragonès “all the explanations that are illuminating” and, “from there, see if it can be rebuild trust that at this time, he has said, does not exist.

The Government He says that he has not had “any response” from the Government on espionage beyond those given before the media and in Congress and demands to know “who started the wiretapping”, whyand which people were responsible for what happened.

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“What we want is a formal and clear answer”

“What we want is a formal and clear answer”, it has to be clarified, he continued, “with all clarity, transparency and ethics because the fact is that, behind this operation, there are values ​​that are very unethical, not very transparent and of little democratic quality”.

And asked if he believes the Executive’s version that he was not aware of the espionage, nor was Sánchez, he insisted that “it has to be explained” and “demonstrate” with reportsbecause It is not “a matter” of believing, has said. And he has underlined the seriousness of the espionage situation, which in Catalonia “it fell like a bomb”.

About if it would seem sufficient to the Generalitat that the director of the CNI be dismissedPaz Esteban, He said “it depends” of the responsibility he has or if there are more charges involved, but he has lamented that right now he does not have “the information in relation” to these responsibilities.

In any case, he stressed that declassification of documents is important because at this moment “there is a lot of information that is still opaque” and “it is not possible to work like this”. Aragonès, he has insisted, wants to have information on when the espionage against him took place and then be able to “defend himself”.

Vilagrà has also been asked about information from El Periódico that the ‘ex-president’ Carles Puigdemont met with a former Russian diplomat the day before the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (DUI) of 2017. In this sense, he has said that he does not “know” and that the people directly involved should give the explanations of information, he said, that is not “verified”.

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