The Government advises ERC that the audiovisual law is limited by European regulations


The Prime Vice President and Minister for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvin, has assured that the Government is open to negotiate with ERC but has insisted that the negotiation of amendments to the draft Audiovisual Law is limited by the directive of the European Union. It has done so when tensions rise over this law, after the ERC threatens to bring down the Budgets if you did not comply with the quota in Catalan and on the same day that United We can have criticized that the PSOE has not negotiated with its formation the future norm.

Calviño has defended in an interview in Onda Cero, before participating in the control session of the Government in Congress, that it is about a “balanced” law that promotes the sector and defends the co-officiality of Spanish languages.

The vice president has assured that the Government is “fully” open in the negotiation process with ERC “as always”. “Now the dialogue is in Parliament and we have an open and respectful attitude with all parliamentary groups,” he added. “But all negotiation has a limit with the community directive, although within this framework we will try to weave the best possible law “, he had an impact after highlighting that” no one has to convince us “about the protection of culture and languages.

The Minister of Economic Affairs has explained that the bill has numerous articles, provisions, specifics and fees. And it is that ERC demands that the Executive comply with the pact that the 6% of audiovisual production it is offered on all platforms, “wherever the headquarters are” of said platforms.

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Calviño has influenced that in this bill different quotas are contemplated in different television spheres, as in linear television, in production on demand or to apply at the national level.

“The bill has complex quotas and it is clear that we cannot do something that contradicts the directive “Calviño insisted, who stressed that it is a “brave” bill and that the discussion with ERC is only one part of the Audiovisual Law.

Ask not to “mix” this negotiation with the processing of Budgets

The vice president has also indicated that the negotiation of this bill It should not be “mixed” with the processing of the General Budgets of the State of 2022 “that they have to get ahead” and has been convinced that the parties are aware that they have to support these accounts.

“You can’t mix one thing with the other”, has said at the same time that it has also advanced that the new Audiovisual Law could contemplate aid or incentives to boost the sector.

Calviño has fled from judging the statements of the ERC spokesperson and has recognized that “no one has to convince us of the value of our languages.” “Let’s focus on getting the best bill forward,” he said.

United We Can: “They have negotiated with ERC but they do not want to negotiate with us”

Jaume Asens, president of the Confederal Group of United We Can in Congress, has regretted for his part in La Hora de La 1 of TVE that the PSOE has not negotiated the audiovisual law with them. “He has negotiated this law with ERC, which is an opposition party, but You have not wanted to negotiate with us for three months.

In this sense, Asens has advanced that his training will submit amendments to the blueprint: “We do not agree with its content.”

“We are concerned about the situation of co-official languages, but beyond that there are other aspects that concern us, for example that there is no independent regulatory body for the audiovisual sector to supervise plurality and transparency in the sector, or that the The door to outsourcing or privatization in essential sectors such as the public services of this house (RTVE). Right now there is no such shield, “he criticized.

Y hto reproached the PSOE for its “disloyalty” and he said that Unidos Podemos was caught “by surprise” that the Law went to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday: “We are disappointed and disgusted.”


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