The Government advances its meeting with the carriers to Thursday


The Government has brought forward to this Thursday the meeting with the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC) to proposing solutions to indefinite unemployment in the sector, convened, however, by small carriers who do not feel represented by that body.

This was advanced to RTVE this Wednesday by government sources, who have specified that in that meeting, which is brought forward one day, effective measures will be addressed “in a concrete and defined way” to try to put an end to unemploymentwhich is already facing its tenth day of strikes.

On Monday, several measures were already advanced, such as 500 million in greater tax credits for diesel, but its specification was lacking, something that was going to be done on Friday and will finally be done on Thursday.

The meeting will be held at 11:30 a.m., and they will attend the ministers of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino; Tax authorities, Maria Jesus Montero and Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Rachel Sanchez.

Dialogue with the “legitimate representatives of the sector”

These same sources have pointed out that the dialogue will continue “with the legitimate representatives of the sector”that is, with the CNTC, for as long as necessary, and they have stressed that the Executive has “the firm will to reach an agreement”.

In fact, they have indicated that the Government’s intention is “not to leave the table until there is no agreement”. Precisely this Wednesday, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, assured the Executive in Congress during the control session that he hoped to reach an agreement with the carriers this week.

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The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has also confirmed what Sánchez said. “We will do our best to reach an agreement with the carriers.. We are not concerned about anything other than that,” he explained in statements to the media in Congress.

For its part, the Fenadismer organization has announced that it will not leave the negotiating table until the effective aid measures needed by transporters to compensate for the uncontrolled rises in fuel prices are specified.

Meeting without the conveners of the strikes

This series of meetings is taking place on the sidelines of the carrier strike called by a minority association of freelancers and small businessesbut that has caused a strong shortage in the industries.

After the meeting on Monday, Fenadismer, Fetransa and Feintra, three majority organizations that are represented in the CNTC, although they did not join the strike, they did give their associates the freedom to stop the activity, until the announced measures were carried out.

In addition, this Thursday, at 4:30 p.m., Raquel Sánchez will meet with the second of the branches represented in the CNTC, that of travelers, which brings together the activities carried out by buses, taxis, VTC and ambulances, also affected by the increase in fuels, an impact that adds to the one they already received from the COVID-19 crisis, when mobility was limited to the maximum.


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