The good patron wins 6 prizes

the good boss He also rules at the Goya Awards. Satire of labor relations Fernando Leon de Aranoa is imposed in the ceremony of Palace of the Arts of Valencia and it is blessed as the best Spanish film of the year by the Film Academy with six awards. maixabel (3 awards), The laws of the border (4), Mediterranean (2 and Liberty (2) they also leave happy from a gala that turned its back on the Parallel Mothers of Pedro Almodóvar, who left empty.

the good boss was conceived as a humorous continuation of Mondays in the sun and has surpassed the five Goyas that it achieved in 2003: best film, best direction, best male performance (Javier Bardem)best original screenplay (Fernando Leon de Aranoa)Best Editing, Best Original Music (Zeltia Montes). “I want to dedicate it to the public that little by little returns to theaters. Cinema is a pact of seduction and we are willing to renew it,” said the director on stage.


Javier Bardem he achieves his sixth Goya, his fifth as a protagonist, expanding his historical leadership. He was 11 years from the last (beautiful), but Javier Bardem is ‘the actor’ of the awards. “I want to dedicate this award to Penelope, who is the woman I love, respect, and celebrate every day. I love you. And I also want to dedicate it to a woman who gave birth to me and which is an example of commit: my beloved mother, Pilar Bardem“.

Blanca Portillo, best actress: “I declare my unconditional love for Maixabel Lasa”

maixabel, the recreation of the suffering of the victims of ETA and the dissidence of the band, won three performance awards. Best Leading Actress for Blanca Portillo, the first after four nominations. Excited, the actress shared “unconditional love” for her deceased father, Maixabel Lasa, and Juan María Jáuregui, killed by the terrorist group in 2000.

Too urko Olazabal, best supporting actor, and Mary Cherry, best new actress, had words for Maixabel Lasa and her daughter, María Jauregui, central characters in the film: “Maixabel, you are an angel and we all owe you a lot, and thanks, above all, to María Jauregui”, she said Cherry. “The film makes us understand better who we are and life”, Olazabal concluded.

Urko Olazabal wins the Goya for best supporting actor

Libertythe first film of the year, wins the goya for best new direction for Clara Rochet and a little surprise with the Goya for best supporting actress for Nora Novas (the second for the actress after black pa) beating Aitana Sánchez Gijón (parallel mothers)

The laws of the borderfrom Daniel Monzon, compensated for its absence in the most important categories with five Goyas, including Best Adapted Screenplay for Monzón and Jorge Guerricaecheverria, for bringing to the screen the novel by Xavier Fences, and the one of Chechu Salgado, best new actor for his role as Zarco, the honest gang member, for best costume design, artistic direction, and best makeup and hairdressing for his recreation of Girona at the end of the 70s and its kinky atmosphere. A small repair for a film that went too unnoticed at the box office.

Goya 2022: Chechu Salgado wins the award for best revelation actor for ‘The Border Laws’

Mediterraneananother of the nominees for best film, leaves the gala with three Goyas: best photography (Kiko from the Rich), best song for ‘The sea awaits you’, by Maria Jose Llergo and the Goya for best production design, an aspect always highlighted by director Marcel Barrena: they had to shoot a film in just six weeks that recreates several rescues of immigrants near the coast of Lesbos. “I hope he Mediterranean stop being a tomb. He dedicated this Goya to Oscar Camps, founder of Open Arms.”

who prevents it, by Jonás Trueba, perhaps the most artistically risky film of the year, wins the Goya for best documentary. And as happened last year with The Year of Discovery, remember that some works may not fit into a single category.

Cate Blanchett: “When I was little, Buñuel changed my life”

Penelope Cruz Y Pedro Almodovar presented the first international Goya to the Australian actress Cate Blanchett, who wanted to return the affection to Spanish cinema in general and to filmmakers in particular. “This award comes from a culture that has influenced me so much, I am enormously attracted to the visual talent of Spanish cinema. When I was little, Buñuel changed my life. And to receive this award from these two people who are like John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands, a legendary couple.

Mariano Barroso, president of the Film Academy, recalled in his speech Verónica Forqué, Pilar Bardem and Almudena Grandes, in a particularly sad year for Spanish cinema. But there is no better symbol of Spanish cinema than Joseph Sacristan, Goya of honor He was there when the Film Academy was founded in the 1980s and almost 60 years ago when he started making films and summed up his profession with a succinct thank you: “Thank you for continuing to buy my garlic“.

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