‘The good boss’ against everyone and other unknowns

“We should do two or three Goya ceremonies a year.” Mariano Barroso, president of the Film Academy, jokes but also says something serious: 2021 has been an extraordinary year for Spanish cinema and not all films fit into the ceremony. But all that are are and the Palace of the Arts of Valencia is ready for the 36th edition of the awards (from 6:30 p.m., red carpet on RTVE Play and at 10:00 p.m., live gala).

After Seville and Malaga (on two occasions), the Spanish film festival continues its decentralization in Valencia. Beyond the celebration of excellence, promises tv show. Without presenters, but with a powerful battery of musical performances: the return of Joaquin Sabinabeside Leiva, to the stagesC. Tangana beside Rita Payes, Luz Casaly an initial number in charge of Baby, Jedet Y Christina Castano. The gala will take advantage of Valencia to pay tribute to Luis García Berlanga on his centenary. Before, the red carpet of the year with not a little glamor adding to the elite of Spanish cinema the presence of Cate Blanchett to inaugurate the international Goya.

Precisely Berlanga said that in order to solve the endemic crises in the film industry, all that was needed was “a typist and a translator” who would translate French law into Spanish. With the box office of the cinemas still coming out of the UCI, the approval of the a new Film Law in the Council of Ministers. If the sector has any last-minute claims left, they will have the President of the Government at the gala, Pedro Sanchezand the vice president, Yolanda Diaz. “I don’t know the details of the law very well, but what we ask is that our cultural identity and independent production be protected,” Barroso asks a few hours before the ceremony.

will it succeed the good boss break the historical record of prizes?

After breaking the record for nominations (20), the new statistical horizon for the film Fernando Leon de Aranoa are the 14 awards that sea ​​inside, from Alejandro Amenabar, harvested in 2005. It will not be easy at all. To begin with, it has very little margin for error because, despite the 20 nominations, it really opts for 16 awards due to the coincidence of actors in the same category: Celso Bugallo, Fernando Albizu Y Manolo Alone, share the nomination for best supporting actor; Y Oscar de la Fuente Y Tarik Rmilithe best revelation actor

His satire on labor relations has been pampered by the Academy: it was selected to compete in the Oscars and multi-nominated for the Goya. In addition, she triumphed at the Forqué Awards, the awards of Spanish producers and the most reliable indicator for the Goya. Javier Bardem, the most awarded performer in the history of the awards (4 awards as lead and 1 as supporting actor) is the big favorite for best male performance.

Countdown in Valencia for the Goya Awards 2022

Give to maixabel The surprise?

maixabelthe true story of about the victims and the dissidence of ETA yuA thrilling drama about the unimaginable limits of compassion and regret, with 14 nominations, she is the only great rival for the ‘pattern’.

The film by Iciar Bollain has won the Feroz Award for best dramatic film and the Días de cine Award, and in some categories for best supporting actor (Urko Olazabal) is the favourite. Far away is, on paper, a new victory for Pedro Almodovar like the one that happened two years ago with pain and glory parallel mothers It has eight nominations, but, symptomatically, academics did not select it as one of the best screenplays.

The quintet of nominees is completed with Mediterranean (Marcel Barrena) approach to the humanitarian tragedy of immigration in Lesbos, and Liberty (Clara Roquet), the debut of the year and favorite for best new direction.

Penelope Cruz, Blanca Portillo or Petra Martinez?

The category of best female performance appears very open. Penelope Cruz (2 prizes as the protagonist and 1 as a supporting actress) could add a fourth Goya and equal carmen maura Y Veronica Forque as the most awarded actress. She recently nominated for an Oscar and awarded the Volpi Cup in Venice, she is not at all assured of the award.

White Portillowho plays Maixabel Lasa, in maixabehim, and Petra Martinez, for the drama Life was that They have, in addition to their magnificent performances, what is sometimes an advantage in the Goya: they lack the prize. Portillo was awarded at the Forqué and Petra Martínez at the Feroz, also astonishing with a speech that vindicated female masturbation.

In addition to Blanchett, the other sure winner is Joseph SacristanGoya of Honor 2022. Mariano Barroso hopes that, in some way, the return of the Goya to normality also coincides with the beginning of the return to normality in theaters. “There is still a lot of uncertainty and the final photo is being delayed. The cinemas are doing a job of resistance that must be thanked and remembered. Hopefully the future will return us to the public to the rooms“.


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