The Gipuzkoa 2020 Income Campaign will begin on April 12, 2021




The 2020 Income Campaign, which will take place between April 12 and June 30, expects to return 292 million euros and enter 272 million.

The Provincial Treasury of Gipuzkoa foresees return 292 million euros and deposit 272 in the 2020 Income Campaign, which will take place between April 12 and June 30. In the case of the Wealth Tax, it expects to receive 59.5 million euros, 7.5 less than last year.

The regional deputy for the Treasury and Finance of Gipuzkoa, Jokin Perona; the Regional Director of the Treasury, Irune Yarza, and the Deputy Director of Tax Management, Yolanda Domínguez, presented the Income 2020 campaign at a press conference.

Perona has indicated that in this campaign the Provincial Council plans to return 292.1 million euros and receive 273.2 million euros. “The balance of the campaign is Negative 18.9 million euros39 million euros worse than last year, due to the impact of the pandemic, “he said.

Regarding the calendar, he has indicated that the self-assessment proposals will be available online as of tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30, the day on which they will also begin to be sent by ordinary mail.

The campaign as such will begin on April 12th, when the term for the approval of the proposals opens. The April 15 The online modality will begin through Zergabidea and one day later an appointment can be made at the offices, which will open their doors on April 19th. The campaign will end on June 30th.

The deputy explained that the Income campaign will be carried out for the most part “through the internet” through the Zergabidea platform, which allows “submitting self-assessments for almost all taxes.” “A special effort will also be made to maintain prior care, and the Provincial Treasury will have 11 offices, in nine different locations in the territory, and with a team of 120 people only in face-to-face care,” he assured.

According to forecasts, the Treasury expects to receive a total 382,000 declarations (2027 less than last year). Depending on the modality, 226,000 proposals will be submitted (665 less), 53,000 in the machining offices (1,543 more) and 103,000 online, through the Zergabidea platform (2905 less).

259,000 returns will be returned, 67.8% of the total, and will receive an average of 1,128 euros per taxpayer. In total, 292 million euros will be returned. On the other hand, the remaining 123,000 returns will be payable, 32.2% of the total, and these taxpayers will have to pay an average of 2,221 euros. In total, the Treasury will receive 273.2 million euros. Finally, the balance of the campaign will be -18.9 million euros.


The Regional Treasury of Gipuzkoa has sent 258 334 self-assessment proposals to the domiciles of the taxpayers; 166 888 are to be returned and 91 446 to pay. In total, they are 620 more than last year and affect 302,996 taxpayers (67.7% of total returns). “The declaration will not be sent to those who have accepted it online in the last two years, but a code to view the proposal on the internet,” Yarza said. The proposal can be accepted online or by phone (943 113 000).

It can also be approved with modifications, if it is one of these six assumptions: income from rental housing, premises or tourist accommodation, deductions from the rent of habitual residence, deductions from donations and the deduction of the union dues.

The second modality is the Mechanized rent, which is carried out in person at the offices of the Regional Treasury. The deadline for making appointments will be open between April 16 and June 8, and reservations can be made both by phone and online.

Finally, the third modality is that of Internet, which is done through the Zergabidea platform. “Last year, due to the pandemic, it was the modality that grew the most, since it increased by 13%, and in the specific case of individuals, it rose by 60%,” he recalled.

Wealth tax

In the case of the Wealth Tax, Perona has indicated that this year there are no significant regulatory changes. “There is only one modality, which is carried out through Zergabidea, and the campaign will be active between April 15 and June 30,” he reported. Regarding the results, the Provincial Treasury expects to receive 59.5 million euros, 7.5 million less than last year. The regional entity foresees that 7,900 taxpayers will contribute an average of 7,527 euros.

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