The G7 will support Ukraine “as long as it takes”

The leaders of the seven great Western economic and democratic powers, known as the G7, have committed their “unlimited support” to Ukraine “as long as necessary”, as well as the common purpose of isolating Moscow.

In a language that recalls the famous phrase “whatever it takes” (whatever it takes) from Italian mario draghiin his time at the head of the European Central Bank (ECB), the G7 statement guarantees kyiv its support: “We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support, and we will support Ukraine for as long as necessary”, they point out in the statement issued after the second day of the summit held in a castle in the Bavarian Alps.

Before the declaration of the western leaders, the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, has intervened telematically with a speech in which he has requested anti-aircraft defense systems, more sanctions on Russia and security guarantees, according to a European official. Only a few brief images, without sound, of the start of a session that should have been the main course of a summit between the powerful dominated by the war in Ukraine have been released of his speech.

Zelensky has also shown his desire that the war launched by Russia in the Ukraine finish before winter comes. The G7 has assured him that it is up to Ukraine to determine how to lead the process of national reconstruction and the path to its stabilization; namely, no demands to negotiate with Moscow.

New sanctions on Russia

The seven great powers urge Russia not to block Ukrainian wheat exports, but to enable their exit through “free corridors”. They also demand that Moscow organize the “immediate return” of forcibly deported Ukrainians from its territory by Russian troops.

“We have decided to extend the sanctions to further restrict Russia’s access to key technologies and industries and other resources,” says the statement issued by the German presidency of the G7. “We will continue to explore new ways to isolate Russia from global market share and combat the evasion” of sanctions, add the members of the G7, who insist: “we are determined to cut Russia’s income, including those from gold.”

The purpose is to “further restrict Russia’s access to key industrial inputs, services and technologies produced by our economies, especially those that support the arms, industrial and technology sectors.” And Moscow is held responsible not only for the war crimes committed in its “brutal aggression” or the illegitimate exercise of its authority over Ukrainian territory, but also for the increase in “global food insecurity” due to its blockade of Ukrainian grain.

The US message

The White House National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanhas confirmed that the new military aid package for Ukraine includes “advanced” anti-aircraft systems and has specified that Washington will provide kyiv with medium and long-range anti-aircraft defense systems, as well as ammunition for artillery and radar systems.

President Joe Biden has assumed a leadership role during the summit, complemented by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson; waiting for what ends up presenting the final declaration of the summit, on Tuesday, while the representatives in the G7 of the European Union seem more cautious.

According to US sources, the objective of the new sanctions will be the russian defense sector Y those responsible for war crimes. Specifically, the White House has already announced an increase in tariffs on more than 570 categories of Russian products valued at 2,300 million dollars, in addition to the veto on gold imports from Russia. Biden’s purpose is to extend those decisions to the entire G7 and allocate the proceeds to help Ukraine.

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