The fancy pizza oven that’s rated as good as Ooni is now £200 cheaper

Both versatile and a real treat for the taste buds, pizza is arguably one of the worlds most universally loved dishes. As well as being the perfect meal to share with friends and family, it’s a quick, easy and satisfying dish to whip up any night of the week, all year round, even if you’re eating alone.

Whilst the market is brimming with ready made and frozen options for pizzas meeting all dietary requirements, there’s nothing better than enjoying freshly made pizza, right out of a pizza oven. Sage is currently selling it’s highly reviewed ‘ The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo ‘, which can also be found at John Lewis, for a whopping £200 off its usual price of £729.95.

Garnering 4.8 out of 5 stars on their reviews, shoppers are raving about their experiences using the product. One reviewer said: “The joy of making pizza. Just as described. A wonderful piece of equipment if you want to eat proper, Napolitana pizza at home (and impress people in the process!). Yes it takes space. Yes it is pricey Yes it takes some time to learn the tricks (particularly how to lay the uncooked pizza on the hot stone!). But when you take that pizza out of the oven, you will realize that it is worth every bit.”

And another added: “It’s far better than expected. An expensive buy, but I have used it extensively to date. It is a fabulous machine, I cannot rate it enough. Results as good as my outdoor Ooni and far more convenient. It is to consider purchase.”

The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is said to cook authentic wood fired style pizza in just two minutes

Claiming to offer ‘brick oven performance at a fraction of the cost’, Sage say that the Pizzaiolo is the first domestic benchtop oven to reach 400C. Cooking authentic wood fired style pizza in just two minutes, it mirrors the three kinds of heat that are used to create perfect pizza in a brick oven, conductive, radiant and convective heat. With their Element iQ system, which targets heat to where it’s needed using sensors, temperature control and optimized deflector technology, the oven is said to cook any type of pizza to absolute perfection.

Sage say that the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo has seven pre-set cooking settings which allow users to easily select the ideal setting for their pizza whether it be New York, Neapolitan or Chicago style. More adventurous pizza chefs are also able to operate the oven on a manual ‘hack’ mode, which gives the chance to play around with the settings for a more personalized pizza.

It features a darkness dial to control the degree of leopard spotting on the crust, an auto-eject door that automatically lifts the pizza out of the oven, a removable cordierite pizza stone for easy cleaning and double glass pane doors which keep the oven adequately insulated .

With this product, shoppers can not only create an amazing array of pizzas from scratch in minutes, but they can also elevate shop-bought pizzas to new heights, as well as expertly charring vegetables and cooking flat breads.

For those tempted by the idea of ​​owning a pizza oven, but put off by the price, Aldi are currently selling a gas pizza oven for the garden for just £179.99 with £3.95 delivery down from £199.99. With a three year warranty, two cooking levels and many handy features, this more affordable option could be the perfect addition to your summer garden gatherings.

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