The families of the Canet school: “We feel used”

The Family Association (AFA) of the school Dragon Hill of Canet de Mar (Barcelona), affected by a judgment of the TSJC that forces him to impart 25% of classes in Spanish, has asked parties and entities this Thursday not to turn this school “into the scene of political confrontations, identity debates and language disputes.”

Your statement comes after a hard confrontation between the Government and the PP in the case of harassment of a child and his family, who asked the TSJC for classes in Spanish. This Wednesday, the ‘popular’ leader blurted out in Congress to the President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, “what the hell has to happen for him to assume some kind of responsibility” after accusing him of having “abandoned” the minor. Sánchez, for his part, asked PP and Ciudadanos (also very critical of this issue), to stop “politicizing the language.”

In a statement, the families express their “discomfort” because it has become “the scene of political confrontations, identity debates and linguistic disputes” that “does not correspond to assume neither the center, nor the families, much less” their children and daughters”.

“We feel used, defamed and sad because it is generating a false story that does not correspond to the cohesive environment that is breathed in our school “, assure the families.

PP, Vox and Cs speak of “linguistic apartheid” as a result of the Canet case

PP, Vox and Cs have been very critical of Canet’s case with the “linguistic apartheid” which, they say, is suffered in Catalonia. The Popular Party went a step further and announced an offensive in Congress with legislative measures against “indoctrination” and for the freedom of parents and said that it would take the matter to the highest institutions of the European Union.

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Married, he has even warned Sánchez that he may incur “disobedience” if it does not enforce the Generalitat with the sentence of Castilian in the classrooms, after the Government has refused to comply with it and has asked the directors of the educational centers not to do so either. Specifically, it has asked to apply article 155 of the Constitution in educational matters to withdraw the competence in this matter from the Generalitat, something that the Executive has ruled out.

“You are a father and so am I and I cannot understand how Leaves Five-Year-Old Boy Abandoned While Separatist Partners Say He Should Be Stoned”Casado snapped at Sánchez in the control session.

Also the leader of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, he asked Sánchez “what does he have to say to that family as Prime Minister ”and accused him of“ washing his hands ”.

Sánchez, for his part, replied that the Government “will never politicize the language in any of the country’s territories” nor is it going to enter “those inflammatory statements.” He has reproached them for talking about “linguistic apartheid” and has asked them if they know what that meant in South Africa or in the 1960s in the United States. And it has settled that the Executive works for “coexistence” in the school and in the classrooms.

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