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The report’s conclusion is blunt. “We consider urgent the controlled demolition of the false ceilings of all the rooms in the hospitalization areas 2B and 4A” of the Príncipe de Asturias Hospital in Alcalá de Henares. This is how it appears, black on white, in a document prepared by the studio ‘ARB Propuestas de Arquitectura SL’ to which Cadena SER has had access, after the inspection commissioned by the management of the hospital center.

As reported by Cadena SER, on December 1 part of the false ceiling of room 232 of the General Surgery area of ​​the Complutense hospital fell off on the bed of a patient after he had warned of the enlargement of a crack during the days before the event. At the time of the detachment, the patient was sitting in the armchair so the debris did not fall directly on him. Another patient admitted to the same room was unhurt, and a hospital worker had to be explored by colleagues from Occupational Health.

After this detachment, the hospital management decided to vacate six more rooms, also located in area B on the second floor, and the next day commissioned a report to identify the cause of the collapse of the false ceiling in room 232, as well as the appearance of cracks and fissures in false ceilings on floors 2B and 4 of the Hospital Príncipe de Asturias. On the same day that the management commissioned the study, the hired technicians visited a total of 40 rooms, as well as common areas on both levels. Specifically, the visit to room 232 allowed “to verify numerous defects in the execution of the false ceiling.”

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ARB Report / SER Chain

In the report, dated December 10, the architects explain that in their visit to the rooms that the Alcalaíno hospital management closed for prudence after the event “it was possible to verify the existence of suspicious cracks.” And not only “it does not seem prudent to recommend opening the rooms until the stability of the ceilings is guaranteed” but they also recommend “provisionally closing” three other rooms, two of them on the fourth floor.

The company that signs the document considers “urgent the controlled demolition of the false ceilings of all the rooms on floors 2B and 4A” and affirms that “new false ceilings must be built.” For this reason, it proposes “intervening in a first phase in the false ceilings of all the rooms inspected” and recommends “executing in parallel the replacement of ceilings in the corresponding toilets, leaving the action in the common areas for a second phase”.

The technicians end their assessment with a warning: in the rest of the hospitalization and treatment areas “it is very likely that we will find false ceilings in similar conditions.”

ARB Report / SER Chain

The hospital will do whatever it takes

The Prince of Asturias University Hospital confirms to Cadena SER that in recent days they have been reviewing all the facilities, and that all necessary actions will be carried out according to the report commissioned by the management of the Alcalá de Alcalá hospital. Henares.

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