The employers of gas stations announce that they will appeal the Decree with the reduction of 20 cents per liter of fuel

The Spanish Confederation of Service Station Employers (CEEES) will appeal to the Justice the Royal Decree Law approved by the Government and by which gas stations must apply the reduction of 20 cents per liter of fuel to all drivers from April 1 to June 30. The employers announced it this Wednesday in a statement.

Despite agreeing to mitigate the economic impact that the rise in fuel prices has had on families, CEES assures that “cannot agree with the way in which this measure has been designed and executed“.

The employers assure that they have tried “repeated requests for dialogue” and collaborate with the Administration, but explains that they still do not have the response that their associates and clients demand: “The Administration leaves us no other way out than to go to JusticeTherefore, the CEEES “is obliged” to “request protection from the courts” to defend the interests of SMEs in the sector.

They assure that the advances “are no longer such” and that they have not reached all the companies that have wanted to request them. In addition, in the case of those who have been transferred, he denounces that on some occasions have been returned with mistakes that “many times” have been “clamorous”.

They denounce the legal insecurity in which they find themselves

From the CEEES have denounced the legal insecurity to which gas stations are “subjected”, so that businessmen “still don’t know how we have to carry out the monthly settlements of the quantities sold during the period of validity of the measure”, they indicate in the statement.

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Although the State has promised to cover 100% of the 20 cent bonus in the case of SMEs and has already put in place a mechanism to give an advance payment to gas stations to prevent them from having to advance it -which can cause problems of liquidity-, the CEEES has warned that the procedure to request this money continues to present errors.

On this line, add that “It is not at all clear what the tax treatment of those 20 cents will be, neither for service stations nor for our customers“. In this context, the employer warns that before the “real possibility” that the application of this bonus generates “important damages for our associates and clients”, the CEEES will appeal the rule before the Justice to “defend the interests of the stations of service and society as a whole”, he remarked.

The Treasury plans to cover 90% of the advances this Wednesday

The general director of the Tax Agency, Jesús Gascón, foresees that the advance payment orders to service stations to cover the discount on fuel reach 220 million euros this Wednesday.

In the presentation of the campaign of the Income Statement this Wednesday, Gascón has indicated that he hopes that “throughout todaythe number of advances paid reaches 3,600for an amount of 220 million, which represents cover approximately 90% of requests made since Friday.

Gascón has indicated that the payments began to be ordered last Monday and work has continued, although he has recalled that from the time the order is made until the money reaches the beneficiary, one or two days pass.

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