The Ebro flood leaves more than a meter of water in Tudela

The streets of the Navarran town of Tudela have been flooded by water because of the overflow of the Ebro as a consequence of the rainstorm in recent days and the avenues of the upstream tributaries, which have caused floods and floods in previous days in the north and middle of Navarra.

The water has affected a score of streets of the old town, reaching up to one meter in height and forcing neighbors to stay at home. Those who must leave their homes for any reason should use the boats that Civil Protection is offering.

The Tudela City Council activated late on Saturday afternoon the flood emergency level 2 after surpassing the Ebro the 2,300 cubic meters per second as it passes through the city and when serious overflows are foreseen. What’s more, the bridge over the Ebro river has been closed to traffic around 2:55 am this Sunday and just over half an hour later, the Paseo de Pamplona was also closed to traffic. For this reason, the Local Police have recommended to the residents of Tudela to avoid driving to the city center.

In Tudela they were measured at 9.30 a.m. 2,644 m3 / s, with a still upward trend, so the expected arrival of the peak of the flood has been slightly delayed. The flow is slightly lower than the floods of 2015 and 2018, when they were 2,691 and 2,682 m3 / s, respectively. The figure coincides with the forecasts of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation, which spoke of a range of between 2,500 and 2,800 m3 / s.

Alert in Aragon

The rising of the Ebro river and its tributaries due to the rainy season has caused floods also in other localities of the Ribera de Navarra and the middle zone. The town of Funes has been particularly affected, where the new part of the municipality and the industrial estate are completely flooded.

The flood in Aragon is also a concern, where the Military Emergency Unit (UME) It is deployed in various points in the province of Zaragoza to collaborate in reinforcing dikes and evacuate the population of the towns if necessary.

During the night, the UME teams have worked on containment and speck repair in the Novillas area to prevent water from reaching urban centers, as reported by the military unit on its Twitter account.

The storm has so far claimed the lives of two people, a 49-year-old woman who passed away on Friday due to the detachment of a farmhouse shed in Sunbilla and a 61-year-old man whose body was located on Saturday inside his vehicle on the Bidasoa river in Lesaka. The strong current and the lack of visibility made it impossible to rescue the corpse, which has been recovered this morning by emergency teams.

The situation in the Basque Country and La Rioja improves

While the situation improves in other provinces in the north of the peninsula, such as the Basque Country, where the rain has stopped during the early morning, although in Álava complications remain due to the overflow of the Zadorra river system.

Thus, the cut off road access to Vitoria, due to road flooding, on the N-622 from the N-1 and on various local roads in Iruña de Oka, Legutiano, Ribera Alta and Baños de Ebro, in Rioja Alavesa. The A-3218 in Elvillar is also having trouble driving through a landslide.

In Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa, the cessation of rainfall has meant that the level of river beds is lowered that caused specific floods last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in different municipalities of these territories.

The The Basque Government has deactivated the Special Emergency Plan this Sunday, which remained active due to the risk of flooding in Álava, due to the improvement observed in the meteorological forecasts and the “considerable” descent of river basins in this region, although the Department of Security has assured that it will maintain “intensive surveillance” of the basins.

Too La Rioja has deactivated the INUNCAR Preemergence Phase this Sunday before the flood of the Ebro as it passes through the region. As reported by the regional government, the river continues its downward trend, after reach about 2,500 cubic meters per second on its way through Alfaro.

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In this town, it was feared that the “extraordinary” flood would affect the new water catchment wells, but finally the supply of drinking water to the population of this municipality has not been lacking.

This avenue of the river has caused in La Rioja some roadblocks and flooding in cultivated areas and poplar groves, without causing significant damage in inhabited spaces.

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