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The vice president of the Government Jordi Puigneró, together with the deputy Elsa Artadi, in a file image.
The vice president of the Government Jordi Puigneró, together with the deputy Elsa Artadi, in a file image.David Zorrakino – Europa Press

The budget season has served to highlight, once again, the weakness of the bloc of pro-independence parties. Beyond the eternal struggle between ERC and Junts, the negotiations reveal the cracks within the formation chaired by Carles Puigdemont. From Waterloo, where he dodges Spanish justice, the ex-president it marks the paths of a party in which the only real nexus is the cult of the leader and the independence convictions. In political action, on the other hand, polyphony reigns and old quarrels from the past line up to be paid. Turbulence that undermines the action of the Government.

“The discrepancies are not so much within the Government itself as within the Junts,” said the Republican spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, in an interview with Europa Press on Monday. The opposition of a part of the Junts to En Comú Podem being the budgetary partner (after the failure with the CUP) was so resounding that it was impossible to deny dissent. The Republican ranks are far from monolithic but when the whistle blows (almost always) silence prevails. In Junts incontinence always wins.

The clash over the budgets, according to various sources consulted, led to the drawing within the party of a more feasible axis, which is primarily about having the accounts in full recovery period. With regard to the Government, there are, in addition to the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, and that of Universities, Gemma Geis, the vice president Jordi Puigneró.

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To this group, in the trench of the realpolitk, face those who deny the rapprochement with the commons, where they would be, among others, the deputies Elsa Artadi and Joan Canadell. The division lived after the regional elections is repeated (although not exactly with the same protagonists), between those who believed that it was becoming too tense with the investiture of Pere Aragonès and those who defended that it was possible to continue pressing. In the plenary session of last November 29, the green light for the processing, several deputies from Junts avoided applauding Canadell’s intervention in which he warned of the risk of an “autonomist” Government of ERC, the PSC and the commons.

Can’t doubt the puigdemontismo or the independence conviction of the members of both blocks. The selection of the alternative partner responded to the need to update the accounts and the impossibility of accepting the maximalist approaches of the CUP at the national level, such as holding a referendum on independence in this legislature. The official argument of Junts is that the bulk of the accounts is the result of the work of Giró and his team, that is, some accounts of Junts. But there each one decides which tagline to add.

The polyphony of voices continues. Last Monday, in an interview with TV3, Puigneró said that Aragonès “surely” made every effort to reach an agreement with the anti-capitalists. Last Friday, Artadi explained a very different story in La 2: an agreement was reached with the commons without having the final slam of the CUP.

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The whole situation once again puts the party’s secretary general, Jordi Sànchez, in the spotlight. The group most reluctant to the investiture charged him in his day for closing “in false” and at the last minute an agreement with Aragonès. 83% of the militants gave their approval. Despite the fact that Sànchez publicly expressed himself against the pact with the commons, his management angers both sides equally. A possible relief, with the municipal elections on the horizon, is complicated. Artadi, for his part, wins by undermining Ernest Maragall’s candidacy for mayor of Barcelona. ERC was opposed to the Ada Colau accounts and will now facilitate them, in return for the Catalans.


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