The CUP pushes the future of Catalan budgets to the limit by maintaining its amendment to the entirety | Catalonia

The CUP spokeswoman in Parliament, Eulàlia Reguant, in an archive image
The CUP spokeswoman in Parliament, Eulàlia Reguant, in an archive imageDavid Zorrakino (Europa Press)

Less than 48 hours before the amendments to all the Generalitat’s budgets are voted in the Parliament, the CUP has decided to maintain its own after a long meeting of its parliamentary coordinator in Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda (Barcelona). The visible leaders of the anti-capitalists have rejected this Saturday the counter offer made by the Executive this Friday and have decided that they will not withdraw their veto to the processing, which they justify because the draft of accounts does not respond “to the political turn to the left” promised by the Executive led by Pere Aragonès and for the few steps towards the self-determination of Catalonia. This leaves, for the moment, the future of the accounts in the air, since ERC and Junts need at least one more partner to be able to overcome the first vote.

“We will not abstain on Monday, we will vote in favor of the amendment,” said anti-capitalist spokeswoman Eulàlia Reguant. The also deputy has made it clear that she does not break her investiture pact with Aragonès and has clarified that the decision is a wake-up call to the pro-independence Executive. They see him stuck in the four revolutions (social, feminist, green and democratic) that were promised by himself. president in his inauguration speech. “The proposals on the table are continuists in the sociovergent continuity policies of mass tourism and hitting the ball,” he added.

The anti-capitalists rule out that there is a possible change of course between now and Monday, when in addition to their amendment to the entirety, those of the PSC, Vox, En Comú Podem and Ciudadanos are voted. This situation leaves in suspense that the accounts approved by the Executive Council can continue their parliamentary process. Esquerra and Junts add 65 seats and the majority are 71. Last Wednesday, given the difficulty of closing an agreement with the CUP, Aragonès himself went down to the arena of negotiations and knocked on the door of En Comú Podem, in an attempt to achieve an alternative pact. The option of the PSC is still closed, at least in public, tight and close

The last proposal of the CUP, of five points, was answered by the Government on Friday. That is the document that has been debated this Saturday. The hottest point was the creation of a working group that “will study the opportunity to promote” the so-called “democratic attack”, the expression with which the independence movement refers to an independence referendum. It is a very liquid commitment, not only because of the way it is written but also because ERC and the Junts last September prevented the anti-capitalists’ proposal to hold a vote of this type before the end of the current legislature. “What the country needs is for the ERC and the Junts to decide whether to opt for the referendum as a way to solve the political conflict. More tables do not lead to anything ”, Reguant replied.

In other areas, the proposal made by the Executive proposed an increase of 250 million euros in the item for public flats and other housing policies, thus exceeding 1,000 million. Of course, they are subject to the “increase in income.” Also that “a single public euro” is not dedicated to the Hard Rock Café project in Vila-seca (Tarragonès). The CUP wants the initiative buried. In addition, the Government is opening to implement some green taxes since the Generalitat advises municipalities that wish to municipalize water management.

The decision of the Parliamentary Coordinator of the CUP comes just on the day that the leadership of En Comú Podem begins its third national assembly in the Catalan capital. Despite the fact that the commons presented an amendment to all the Catalan budgets on Friday, those led by Jéssica Albiach continue to negotiate with the Government in order to achieve an alternative pact that allows progress in the processing of the budgets in the Parliament. With the movement they seek to pressure the progress of the talks, knowing that they are option b if things with the anti-capitalists derail.

“We have not come to act as a troupe for any majority of the past,” Albiach assured in his speech at the assembly of his formation. “The counselor Giró said: budgets or budgets; we say: transformations or transformations ”, added the leader of the commons to justify that they have presented a possible veto to the processing of a draft of accounts in which they still see room for improvement.

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