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The Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to spit out magma from the depths of the earth. The video that heads this article, recorded this Wednesday, shows the vigor that the eruption maintains. Their explosions make the Valley vibrate. Seismicity is also high: more than 130 earthquakes have been located on the island of La Palma during midnight, the largest being 4.

According to the latest report from the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca), in the last 24 hours the eruptive activity has continued to concentrate on the northeast flank with “strombolian and effusive activity with lava flows that do not occupy new territory.” The emission sources of the main cone, on the other hand, have little and intermittent activity.

Lava energy circulates through the north and center of the old lava flows. The central areas continue to feed lava tubes that continue to feed the lava deltas. Still worrying is the stream further north (stream 12) that rides above the previous streams. The energy that is influencing the casting 8 is closely monitored, which would be of concern as a function of the thrust from the emission center. Laundry 8, which has been stopped for a month in the center of La Laguna, is also being monitored.

Air quality

The meteorological forecasts are favorable for the operation of the airport, as well as for the quality of the air. They are expected pWeak character receptions, especially in the northeast, with possible showers. Also possible entry of Saharan dust to depart on Saturday.

Regarding the cOn Tuesday, the SO2 limits were not exceeded at any station. In the morning of this Wednesday the levels are good in all the stations. Upgrade spawns up to good levels in all seasons.

Increased seismicity

The most striking phenomenon in the last 24 hours, in fact, has been the increase in seismicity, especially at intermediate depths.

The level of the tremos is at medium levels with abrupt changes in level, so it is possible that earthquakes with intensity V-VI may occur. Stability in deformation and slight tendency to deflation at stations far from the emission center. With regard to sulfur dioxide (SO2), high values ​​have been reached. The time series continues to reflect a downward trend since September 23, when 50 thousand tons were recorded per day.

More than 1,100 hectares affected

The gases in the southern evacuated area descended at night allowing access during the morning. So far there are 5,333 people housed and another 43 remain dependent in social and health centers.

The volcano already affects 1,134 hectares of surface, the deltas maintain the previous surface, and the 3,350 meters of width between the ends of the streams are also maintained. There is no new data from Copernicus or Cadastre, nor new data on damage to farms or infrastructure.

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