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The Department of Health today publishes an order adopting specific measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic and specifically establishes the obligation to present, as of tomorrow, Thursday, the COVID certificate in nightlife establishments (party rooms, dance halls); celebrations of all kinds that may take place in hotel and restaurant establishments and mass events.

The decision of Health and Legal Services of the Government of Aragon to publish this order comes after the order of the Superior Court of Justice of Aragon, which had requested prior authorization for the implementation of this measure. The court asserts in its own resolution that its position does not imply “a blockage” to the health Administration. In fact, the TSJA encourages the Government of Aragon to “adopt the measures it deems appropriate to fulfill its constitutional function (…) to fight against the health crisis.”


Starting tomorrow, Thursday, people over 12 who access:

• Nightlife establishments (party rooms, dance halls and the like).

• Wedding celebrations, communions, baptisms, confirmations and social, family, religious or civil celebrations that may take place in hotel and restaurant establishments.

• Events of any nature that bring together more than 500 attendees indoors or 1,000 attendees in open spaces.

How to get the covid passport

They must present one of these documents:

• Certificate of having received the complete COVID-19 vaccination schedule, having elapsed, at least, 14 days since the last dose of it.

• Certificate of having recovered from the diagnosed SARS-CoV-2 infection and being in the period between day 11 and 180, inclusive, after a positive diagnostic test.

• Document accrediting the negative infection diagnostic test carried out by health professionals in authorized centers or establishments (in the last 72 hours in the case of PCR or 48 hours in the case of rapid antigen tests).

Access and data

The display of the required information may only be requested at the time of access to the establishment or venue. These data will not be kept nor will files be created with them.

Mass events

In addition, in the case of mass events that exceed the number of attendees mentioned above, the event organizers must develop an action plan that contains the prevention and control measures of COVID-19, and its celebration will be subject to timely authorization by the competent provincial service of the department responsible for health.

According to the order itself, the presentation of the COVID passport is an “adequate measure and in accordance with the requirements derived from health protection” because it refers to premises or activities where entry or participation is voluntary and where essential activities are not carried out, to which you have the obligation to go. “Activities in which – the normative text adds – the risk of contagion increases.”

Vaccinated and unvaccinated

Likewise, it is considered that the exhibition of the COVID certificate does not violate the right to equality since there is no discrimination between those who are vaccinated and those who are not, since to access these places or events the result of the negative active infection diagnostic test, the antigen test or the COVID-19 recovery certificate if the infection has passed.

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