The convening carriers announce that they maintain the strike

The Platform in Defense of Road Transport, convener of the strike of carriers, has announced its intention to continue with the mobilizations, after meeting this Friday afternoon with the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez and not having reached any agreement.

“We don’t have money to go out to work. Monday’s price is not going to cover the costs, if that is not corrected, even provisionally, we cannot call off this strike,” said Mr. President of the Platform, Manuel Hernández.

“Unfortunately, we continue with the strike,” Hernández, president of the platform calling for the strike and made up mostly of self-employed carriers and SMEs, told the press that he had promised to suspend the strike if the Government guaranteed that measures would be adopted so that professionals can cover what it costs them to work.

“It costs us money to go to work”

According to Hernández, the minister has informed him that the aid they are demanding will be articulated through a “draft law” in the coming months and that until then she cannot approve transitory measures to guarantee payment above costs, which has led carriers to maintain the strike.

“We have no choice but to continue in the situation we were in. This situation is very serious, it costs us money to go to work, we cannot put more money because we do not have it and even if they commit to putting in place a law to be able to regulate that contraction and does not lead us to that absolute ruin, provisional and transitory measures are needed”, declared Hernández.

“If we do not have that guarantee and this ministry or the government in general does not offer us that possibility, we cannot call off this strike and we will continue with the indefinite strike. […]The trucks return to the streets in a peaceful manner,” he added.

Hernández calls for measures “up to the circumstances”

Previously, the Government and the National Committee for Road Transport, which does not include the platform calling for the indefinite strike, had reached an agreement that includes a discount of 20 cents per liter on fuel until June 30.

The mobilizations that began on March 14 have caused problems in the supply chain and have had great support in almost all parts of the country.

According to what Hernández told the press, during the meeting the minister had a “very kind treatment”, but that does not solve the situation. In addition, she has assessed that the aid announced this Thursday by the Government and the majority employers “are always welcome”, but “it is not a measure to alleviate the situation that the sector is suffering”, she stressed.

“It is a measure that is only going to be a few months and they are amounts that do not even cover 50% of the losses that we have monthly. We need measures that are up to the circumstances,” said Hernández.

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