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Several years ago, specifically in March 2014, the young Ryan Stone was arrested by the US authorities in Denver (Colorado) after starring in a persecution that would go down in history due to its similarity to those that are constantly produced in video games such as Grand Theft Car. A persecution for which he would later lose 160 years in prison for a series of up to 14 crimes, including some such as attempted murder and assault in the first degree on a police officer.

Despite the fact that seven years have passed since then, his story is again more present than ever. All this thanks to social networks, who have shared again this story that began when Ryan Stone stole a first vehicle after leaving a gas station in which there was a small child. Since the 30-year-old was in a search situation by the police as a result of several drug crimes that he carried behind his back, Stone decided to steal his first car to escape the scene quickly.

The fugitive came to steal up to three vehicles

After stealing this first vehicle, the young man started a chase that lasted 45 minutes, covered 75 miles, and spanned five different counties. This was told by veteran journalist Jayson Luber for Denver 7 News, where he shared a video that would later go down in the history of the Internet and social networks. In just two minutes, the video shows some of the crimes that Ryan Stone committed during a chase in which he stole two more cars.

First, Ryan Stone drives at full speed with the stolen car, ignoring the traffic signs. In fact, you have no problem invading the oncoming lane at high speed without fear of a possible accident. So much so that, when the time comes, he also has no qualms about jumping the limits of the road and heading down a dirt road to quickly sneak onto the highway so that he can escape with ease.

Sentenced to 160 years for 14 different crimes

Knowing that he was being followed, Stone stopped a second car in the middle of the road. After taking control of this second vehicle, the person responsible for the theft once again invaded the opposite lane of the highway at high speed while the rest of the cars did everything possible to avoid him. In fact, the driver got around several portable police stabbing bands.

Once again, Ryan Stone was getting out of the vehicle again to steal a third. After driving several miles with it, it ended up crashing into another car at high speed at an intersection. The police, who were at the scene, did everything possible to arrest him, but the young man escaped again (this time running). When he lost sight of them, the fugitive took off his sweatshirt to avoid attracting attention. However, it was too late. The police ended up surrounding the young man, who had no choice but to lie on the ground to proceed to his arrest. A year later, Stone would be sentenced to 160 years in prison.


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