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The Civil Guard has alerted, throught social media, about a new scam through which a group of cybercriminals tries to get hold of your personal and banking data. A new case of phishing, like the ones we have witnessed in recent months, whereby a group of cybercriminals pose as an official institution or a renowned organization to deceive you without raising any suspicion.

On this occasion, those responsible for the attack are posing as the German multinational Lidl through an offer that has recently been seen on various social networks on the occasion of the recent arrival of Black Friday. This is collected by the National Institute of Cybersecurity through its website, where it reveals how cybercriminals act to take over your personal and banking data.

This is how scammers work

In the first place, the ad in question, which has been viralized mainly through Facebook, informs us that we can get hold of the kitchen robot Monsieur Cuisine Connect for just 1.99 euros on the occasion of Black Friday that will be held next Friday, November 26. A promotion too good to be true that should turn on all our alerts because a product that cost 399 euros will never be reduced to 1.99.

In order to convince the person who is reading the message that it is a real offer, those responsible for the attack accompany the advertisement with a photograph in which you can see the famous Lidl kitchen robot at the agreed price: ” The new Monsieur Cuisine model for 1.99 euros. Hurry to get it “. As usual, and in order to perpetuate the attack, this ad is accompanied by a link that will redirect you to a web page that resembles that of Lidl.

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No, Lidl does not sell its food processor for 1.99 euros

Once there, those responsible for the scam will explain that this discount has occurred as a result of Lidl’s defeat against Thermomix in court. Given that the German firm has to withdraw all its kitchen machines for infringing the patent rights of the Thermomix machine, the German firm would have started selling them for only 1.99 euros. Something that is completely false but that could encourage the victim of the scam to follow the indications of the scammers.

Those responsible want your personal and bank details. / OR IF

After reporting on the reasons why Lidl has decided to sell its food processor so cheap, those responsible for the attack invite their victim to complete a simple survey. Once carried out, the people who have taken this survey will have to select a gift box to check what has been taken. As is logical, the Mr. Kitchen to keep the victim hooked.

In order to claim our prize we will have to complete our personal data through a new web page designed for the occasion. We will also have to contribute our banks to make the purchase, or that is at least what those responsible for the attack tell us. What we are really doing is subscribing to a paid service for an amount of 33 euros every 14 days. For that same reason, and if you come across an ad of these characteristics, no case. It is just one more scam to subscribe to services premium.

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