The City Council ensures that the contracts for the masks were approved unanimously

The Madrid City Council has insisted this Thursday that the contracts for the masks for which the businessmen Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño pocketed millionaire commissions were approved “unanimously” of the groups at the Funeral Home Council on March 24, 2020.

According to municipal sources, even the groups congratulated the Consistory for the “speed and price” to whom the masks were found, something that is recorded in the minutes of the meeting that day.

These contracts are being investigated by Judge Adolfo Carretero following the complaint filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor against these two businessmen, whom they are attributed the commission of the crimes of aggravated fraud, false documentation and money laundering due to irregularities in a purchase-sale operation of medical equipment in March 2020.

They deny that the mayor called Medina during the negotiations

In the summary of the investigation, the invoice for March 24 also appears, where the purchase of the masks is reflected, as well as the donation of 283,000 extra units, of which 183,000 would be for the City Council and 100,000 for the Puerta de Hierro Hospital. .

Precisely the donation was what triggered the mayor’s call, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to businessman Luis Medina. According to municipal sources, the alderman called Medina on March 26 to “thank him for the gesture.”

However, these same sources assure that Almeida not only telephoned Medina, but also called “all donors of material in those circumstances in which municipal employees were unprotected in the worst of the pandemic due to the inaction of the Government “.

And they reiterate that it is “Absolutely false” that Almeida called Medina during the contract negotiation of the masks, if not “two days after it was approved, when the donation was recorded”.

Citizens rule out a motion of censure

On the other hand, the spokesman for Citizens in Congress, Edmundo Bal, has insisted that the motion of censure is still not on the table because the coalition government of the City Council is a government that is doing “great things” for the city of Madrid.

In an interview in The Mornings of RNEBal has assured that his formation has asked to make a external audit on all contracts that the Madrid City Council did and were caused by the emergency of the pandemic.

The mornings of RNE – Cs rules out a motion of censure in Madrid – Listen now

He has also claimed appear in the cause of the investigation in the purchase of masks because “as far as we know, the people of Madrid were victims of a scam”.

Luceño to Medina after closing the contract: “He takes it out”

On the other hand, according to the messages included in the summary of the investigation, the businessman Alberto Luceño sent an email to his partner Luis Medina after closing the contract with the Madrid City Council to send medical supplies to the capital in which he he wrote “for the sack”.

Specifically, this email is dated March 30, 2020 at 7:19 p.m. “He takes it out…” Luceño transfers him to Medina six days after closing the sanitary material contract with the City Council of the capital.

Both are called to testify on April 25 as investigated for the aforementioned crimes in relation to the alleged collection of bribes in emergency contracts in the first wave of the pandemic.

According to the complaint, Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina “acting in common agreement and with the intention of obtaining an exaggerated and unjustified benefit financially, they offered the Madrid City Council the possibility of acquiring large consignments of medical supplies made in China”.

The complaint states that the operations cost the Madrid City Council some 10.8 million eurosobtaining “a million masks that, despite being of good quality, the seller would have been willing to sell for a much lower price than what was paid; specifically, 40% of what the City Council paid for them.”

He also received two and a half million pairs of nitrile gloves, of “very inferior quality and different characteristics to those that had been offered to him, and for which he paid approximately four times the price of that type of glove in a supermarket in Madrid on those same dates”.

In addition, it received 250,000 COVID-19 tests, of which almost a quarter (60,000) were unusable due to their low level of sensitivity (66.7%), and another important part (115,000) were, at least, also of dubious efficacy. due to its low level of sensitivity (80%).

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