The City Council and Gerediaga call to act responsibly both inside and outside the Durango Fair




Ensuring everyone’s health is “the top priority” of this year’s edition. For this reason, they will enforce “rigorously” all security measures, both inside and outside the fair.

The Durango Fair will start on Saturday, December 4, its 56th edition, in which the City Council and the Gerediaga association have appealed to all Basques who come to the Biscayan town to act “responsibly” both inside and outside from the Fair and in the town, due to the current state of the pandemic.

Municipal and Gerediaga officials have appeared this Tuesday in Durango along with representatives of Euskal Editoreen Elkartea, Musika Bulegoa and the local hospitality industry to make this request to those who come to Durango for the fair.

“As the fair approaches, we have to multiply all our efforts so that at the Durango Fair and throughout Durango all health and safety measures are respected“, They have highlighted.

They assure that this year it will once again be “a special edition” of the Durango Fair. “After last year’s fair, we thought that this year’s fair would have similar figures to those of other years. In any case, and given the evolution of the pandemic in recent weeks, we have had to take drastic measures to preserve the health of all “, they have added.

Thus, the City Council has analyzed the measures that the Gerediaga association will adopt for the Durango Fair, in order to see if it meets the criteria determined by the Basque Government. Once it was seen that it met the Government’s criteria, the City Council sent it a technical report authorizing the celebration of the fair.

In any case, they insist on the need to maintain health and security measures throughout Durango. “For this reason, we want to make a special appeal to all culture fans who come from Euskal Herria to behave with respect. Because just as Durango opens its doors to them, we want to live with respect and responsibility in Durango “, they have pointed out.

In the words of those responsible for the fair, “in recent days we have seen that we know how to act responsibly. We have had, among others, mass concerts or events of different political parties, both in the street and in the interior. We want to invite the Basques to enjoy this showcase of Basque culture, but always acting responsibly, both inside and outside Landako Gunea. As we have said time and again: with responsibility within, and with responsibility without. “

Thus, both Geredia and Durango City Council are making a “very great effort” to hold this year’s fair, with the aim of helping fans and cultural agents. In any case, they are clear that “guaranteeing everyone’s health is the great priority.”

Because, will enforce “rigorously” all security measures, both inside and outside, because “betting on culture is the same as complying with sanitary measures.” “Last year we managed to keep the heartbeat of the fair alive; if we want this year to continue alive, everyone’s commitment will be essential”, they add.

Follow the recommendationss in the face of the coronavirus from the health authorities. If you live in the CAV and have symptoms, call your usual health center. The Health Council will also attend to people on the phone 900 20 30 50, offering information and solving doubts about the coronavirus. If you live in Navarra, call the Health Council phone number: 948 290 290. Remember that the most effective way to prevent the spread of covid-19 is to use a mask, ventilate the spaces, keep a safe distance and wash your hands.

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