The CAV registers 38 deaths and the cumulative incidence rises to 1,179 cases





The Minister of Health has reported that there are 105 serious patients in the ICU and 364 admitted to the ward and added that “we are facing the consequences of the bridge in early December.”

The public health system of the Basque Government has registered 38 deaths by covid-19 in the last week. In addition, it has detected 1607 new positives this Sunday, which has raised the cumulative incidence to 1,179.15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, 242 more points in a week.

In turn, the number of covid patients admitted on hospital floors it is 324, while people infected with coronavirus who remain in the Intensive Care Units (UCI) son 105.

The Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, in her appearance in the Basque Parliament to report on the epidemiological situation, explained that “we are facing the consequences of the bridge at the beginning of December”.

The number of weekly positives from December 13 to 19 was 14,928, compared to 11,010 a week earlier. According to the counselor, the number of tests carried out, more than 13,000 a day, is still very high, 17,946 in the last hours, of which 11.5% have been positive.

The cumulative incidence in 14 days by territories it is 1227.40 in Álava, 894.40 in Bizkaia and 1570.67 in Gipuzkoa. Superior in all of them compared to the previous days.

“The pandemic continues to spread,” said Sagardui. The omicron variant has arrived “faster than expected” in Europe and the Basque Health Service-Osakidetza has so far detected 220 cases of the omnicron variant of covid-19, which already accounts for about a third of the new cases of coronavirus that are registered in the Basque Country.


Recommendations document

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The LABI technical committee, the body that advises Basque institutions on the measures to adopt in the face of the pandemic, has prepared a document of recommendations for Christmas, in which they advise citizens to limit Christmas dinners and meals to stable groups of a maximum of ten people Y of family units.

The report prepared by the technical committee of the Basque Civil Protection Plan (LABI) has already been transferred to the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, according to Sagardui.

The counselor explained that this document includes other recommendations, such as not sharing plates and cutlery during family celebrations next Christmas.

In turn, this document recommends people with a special “risk” from covid-19, as well as those who have cold symptoms or who are awaiting diagnosis, not to participate in Christmas events.

Booster dose over 50

People between 50 and 59 will be able to request from tomorrow afternoon on the Osakidetza website for an appointment to receive the booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine.

Osakidetza is also working on arranging the inoculation of booster doses for people who were immunized with AstraZeneca.

In the Basque Country, 79.6% of those over 60 already have this additional puncture. In the case of children between 6 and 11 years old, who began to be vaccinated last Wednesday, 15,269 have already done so, of whom 1,644 only need this dose because they have already passed the infection.

The counselor has highlighted the good progress of vaccination in the Basque Country and has considered that “the only good news of the day is that it develops according to plan”, remembering that more than 1000 daily positives are still being diagnosed, 1607 this Sunday.

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“There is no excuse for not getting vaccinated, for not complying with the measures imposed to avoid infections, and for not following the recommendations that scientific evidence and experience advise,” he stressed.

Follow the recommendationss in the face of coronavirus from the health authorities. If you live in the CAV and have symptoms, call your usual health center. The Health Council will also attend to people on the phone 900 20 30 50, offering information and solving doubts about the coronavirus. If you live in Navarra, call the Health Council telephone number: 948 290 290. Remember that the most effective way to prevent the spread of covid-19 is to use a mask, ventilate the spaces, keep a safe distance and wash your hands.


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