The candidates to replace Johnson

After continuous pressure and the cascade of missions by members of his formation, the British leader, Boris Johnson has announced his resignation, which begins a process to replace him as head of the party, and therefore, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The president, who has recognized that “nobody is indispensable in political life” will continue in office until next October, by which time the ‘tories’ will have chosen their next number one.

Some, like Attorney General Suella Braverman or Rep. Steve Baker, have publicly run for office, but they’re not the only ones with a chance. These are some of the ‘Tories’ candidates who sound to replace Johnson in what he has called “the best job in the world”.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace

Among the candidates who are repeated as favorites to take over the leadership of the party and the Government, the name of ben wallace. The current defense ministerwhich has gained prominence and popularity in recent months as a result of its management during the war in Ukraine, is considered to be one of Johnson’s most loyal party colleaguesbetting on the prime minister until the last moment.

That he was chosen by the ‘tories’ would be the least significant when it comes to a pro-European candidate, who openly defended permanence in the European Union during the crisis of Brexit. He is one of the few of this profile in the Johnson Government.

14 hours – The names that sound the most to succeed Boris Johnson – Listen now

Foreign Minister Lizz Truss

The current owner of the British Foreign Ministry She has cut short a trip she was making in Indonesia for the G20 summit to rush back to the UK where she is expected to stand as a candidate to replace Johnson.

Called by some the new “Iron Lady”, Truss belongs to the “hard wing” of the Conservatives and is a favorite among the rank-and-file Tories. The minister, yes, reiterated her “100%” support for Boris Johnson on Monday and urged the rest of her fellow trainees to do the same.

The recent former Minister of Economy, Rishi Sunak

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer and number two resigned from his post on Tuesday citing “fundamental differences” with the prime minister over his approach to economic strategy for the country. He already did, but since his departure, he resonated even more as one of the possible candidates to succeed Johnson.

His plan to avoid layoffs during confinement earned him the respect of the rest of the cabinet, but a scandal over the management of his wife’s finances and the fine he received, along with Johnson, for his participation in the ‘partygate’ its popularity declined.

The new head of Economy, Nadhim Zahawi

named Minister of Economy after the resignation of Sunak, Nadhim Zahawi led the successful vaccination program against Covid-19 for which the United Kingdom stood out so much. Until now, he has not resigned from his new position, but yes, he had asked this very Friday for the resignation of the prime minister after being alerted that his closeness to the now former Tory leader could spoil his possible plans to succeed him.

In the last few hours, influential media such as The Daily Telegraph They have promoted the candidacy of this politician who came to the country when he was little as a former Syrian refugee.

Health Commission Chairman Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt serves as chairman of the parliamentary health committee, although he was also foreign minister. He is one of the members of the Conservative Party who He has been trying to convince the rest of his colleagues of the need for a change in leadership for some time.

Hunt, what faced Johnson in the race for party leadership in 2019went so far as to say that his training was not giving the country “the leadership it deserves.”

His name has also been strongly shuffled in the pools for the succession between the representatives of the “moderate wing” and opposed to Johnson within the formation of the ‘tories’.

International trade manager Penny Mordaunt

The current head of international trade, Penny Mordaunt, was also the first woman to become defense minister in the UK. Mordaunt is one of the great defenders of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union and was relentless in criticizing the British leader after learning of the scandal of the ‘partygate’ events.

The former Secretary of State for the Armed Forces supported Hunt’s candidacy over Johnson and he is among the voices that have been considered for a long time to replace the prime minister. In fact, the results of a poll with the favorite candidates published by YouGov place her as the second option, behind Wallace.

The recently impeached Conservative MP, Michael Gove

The ‘tory’ deputy Michael Gove, one of Johnson’s main allies, did not agree that the still prime minister would continue to command after the cascade of resignations by members of his party.

In fact, before Johnson met with the deputies of his formation to know their opinion in order to assess his resignation, Gove, already I had asked him to resign and had informed him that the party had lost confidence in him. In response, the prime minister dismissed him witheringly.

Now your name resounds like one of the possible candidates to succeed him. According to the YouGov poll, his name is in fifth position, immediately after Truss.

The former Minister of Health, Sajid Javid

The former Minister of Health, who resigned from his post on Tuesday, tried to run as leader of the ‘Tories’ back in 2019, although he failed to sneak into the final stretch of the election. The departure of him and a harsh speech delivered against Johnson before Parliamentcould have awakened their hopes of trying again to rise to the leadership of the formation.

While Sunak based his motives on differences in economic strategy, Javid opted for a more direct and angry tone against the prime minister in announcing his resignation.

The deputy and ex-military man, Tom Tugendhat

The deputy and former military officer, Tom Tugendhat, is presented as one of the favorites among the center of the ‘tories’. He was very critical of how the government handled the crisis in Afghanistan and already last January, he became the first member of the Conservatives to express his intention to stand in a primary if the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, lost an internal confidence vote .

State Attorney General Suella Braverman

The State Attorney General, known as a “Brexitera” from the first hour, continues in her position, but publicly presented his candidacy to replace Johnson on British television and called for the prime minister’s resignation before he left.

Deputy Steve Baker

Deputy and deputy president of the Covid-19 Recovery Group, Steve Baker is one of the ‘tories’ who stands out for his criticism of the prime minister.

In statements to various media in the country, he has been nominated as a candidate.

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