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In Bizkaia, 580,000 personal income tax returns will be filed. In the first days of the campaign, 230,000 taxpayers will receive refunds for amounts that add up to 215 million euros.

The income campaign starts today, monday, in Bizkaia with four out of ten declarations already filed and with half of the returns made, according to the Provincial Council.

In Bizkaia they will be presented 580,000 income tax returns. In the first days of the campaign 230,000 contributors they will receive refunds for amounts that add up to 215 million euros.

This amount is practically half of the total of 432 million that the Provincial Treasury plans to return throughout the campaign.

As with the rest of taxes, also in the IRPF the Foral Treasury is streamlining the processes to make returns, since in this way it favors the liquidity of taxpayers in the current moment of economic crisis due to the coronavirus.

That effort to accelerate returns has been directed especially toward self-employed, who in this campaign have been included among the group of recipients of the Etxean Income proposals in order to advance the return of personal income tax.

Thus, among the first returns are those of 26,000 self-employed workers and their spouses, to whom 28 million euros will be returned in the first days of May.

With the start of the campaign, the deadline for submitting the income statement online, using the help program and the tax data download.

This presentation channel was used in the last rental campaign for more than 161,000 statements, a third of the total, while another 117,000 were presented through the free preparation service in financial institutions.

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In the current campaign, this face-to-face service remains postponed until the situation allows health emergency, and its completion will also mark the end of the campaign.

Among the measures adopted to reinforce assistance, the Provincial Treasury has increased the number of people who attend the rental assistance phone, the 946083000.

In April, this phone was answered 94,664 calls related to the rental campaign, 50% more than in the same period last year.

One of the novelties of this rental campaign is the Bak activation service, a personal and non-transferable key, composed of the DNI and a password, which allows safely carry out any procedure in the electronic office of the Provincial Treasury.

Since last April 6, more than 22,000 people have activated their Bak password from the rental website. Taxpayers who go to banks to file their return will also have their personal Bak code activated.

In this campaign, the Provincial Treasury plans to process 580,409 declarations, of which 397,669 -68% – will be returned for a total amount of 431,675,300 euros. In this way, the average return will be 1,085 euros.

The Treasury will begin with the returns of the returns with results in favor of the taxpayer in the first week of May. The collection of the declarations to be entered will be made on the last day of the campaign.

Also from today the campaign of Wealth Tax declaration, in which the Provincial Treasury hardly expects differences with respect to last year’s result. The number of declarations would reach 7,500, and the result would be 74 million euros. The declaration of Assets must be submitted through the internet.

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