The British Parliament approves to investigate if Johnson lied about the parties

The British Parliament has approved this Thursday to investigate whether the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he lied about his participation in the parties in Downing Street during the coronavirus lockdown.

The investigation has been authorized without a vote, after the chair of the Commons asked if anyone was opposed to it taking place and no one has shown their rejection. The House Privileges committee will not begin its “substantial” work until Scotland Yard’s partygate investigation is over.

The vote comes after the British Government tried to postpone it until the London Metropolitan Police concluded their own investigation in this regard since the senior official Sue Gray will publish her report on this matter. Finally, the Executive has rejected the amendment to the motion presented by the Labor Party, the main opposition group, and the vote has been carried out this afternoon, as planned.

Scotland Yard has imposed more than 50 fines to officials and staff of the British Government for skipping restrictions during the pandemic. Among those sanctioned is Johnson himself, his wife and the head of Economy, Rishi Sunak. The Prime Minister has repeatedly claimed that at the birthday party held in June 2020 in Downing Street, for which he was fined, no rules had been broken, something that led opposition groups to accuse him of having cheated to Parliament. According to the parliamentary code, a prime minister must resign if proven to have knowingly lied to parliament.

“Should have been gone a long time ago”

In the parliamentary debate on the possible investigation of Johnson, the Conservative MP Steve Baker has indicated that the prime minister should having resigned after being fined for breaking the confinement rules. “I have to say, I’m sorry, but for not obeying the law, the prime minister should have been gone a long time agoBaker has indicated.

“I have to admit that if the prime minister were in any other position of high responsibility … he would have been gone a long time ago. The reason he hasn’t been gone a long time is because removing a sitting prime minister is an extremely serious matter“, has added.

The Labor leader, Keir Starmer, has argued that the motion put forward by his party “seeks uphold the simple principle that honesty, integrity and telling the truth matter in our politics.

The opposition leader has made ugly the fact that some people have tried play down the seriousness of the allegations suggesting that Johnson misled Parliament and added that, every time that happens, “the status of this House is gradually eroding“.

For his part, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party in Westminster, Ian Blackford, has been very harsh with Johnson, of whom he has said that “at the center of this scandal there is something that must be said and heard: The UK Prime Minister is a liar.”

Johnson ‘happy to take on any queries’

Minutes before the motion was approved, British Minister Michael Ellis assured that Boris Johnson is ‘happy’ to allow Parliament to pass the motion calling for an investigation into whether he lied to the House of Commons.

“The prime minister has always made it clear that he is happy to face any consultation that Parliament deems appropriate and is happy for the House to decide how it wants to proceed today,” Ellis said.

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