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The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published this Thursday the royal decree approved by the Council of Ministers that introduces the obligation to use the masks outdoors. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced the measure at the Conference of Presidents held yesterday, despite the fact that many experts have been critical of the rule, doubting its effectiveness. Sánchez called for today an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers in order to approve it, and this has been the case. It comes into force tomorrow, the 24th.

Sánchez already pointed out yesterday in his speech that there would be exceptions: “There are exceptions, which fall within the reasonable and rational. When you do sports, you are in the field, in any natural space and you are walking, alone or with a family member or a friend, at a safe distance of 1.5 meters, You do not need to wear a mask. The Government of Spain believes in this measure and takes up the witness of what the vast majority of autonomous governments have proposed. “

The document clarifies its words: it establishes the mandatory use of masks over six years of age on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in closed spaces for public use, as well as in transport. In the same way, it points out that the use of the mask is excepted in two cases: outdoors during the practice of individual sports, and during activities that are not of a sporting nature, but are carried out in natural spaces, provided that, in In both cases, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained with other people who are not cohabitants, although it does not clarify what these activities are. This obligation may be abolished when “appropriate sanitary circumstances arise and so advise based on the evolution of the epidemiological indicators of the pandemic.”

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The document indicates that the widespread use of masks by citizens to reduce community transmission of the coronavirus is “justified”, taking into account the high transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 (especially considering the potential increase in the transmissibility of new variants such as the one that is increasing its circulation, the omicron variant) and “the ability of masks to block the emission and reception of aerosols.” He also mentions that this situation puts the capabilities of the health system to the “limit”.

Strengthen hospital care

The decree-law authorizes the hiring until December 31, 2022 of Medicine and Nursing professionals who have already agreed to retirement, with “certain requirements.” Likewise, it enables the hiring by the autonomous communities, the National Institute of Health Management and the Ministry of Defense of professionals with a specialist title obtained in non-member states of the European Union. “In order to carry out assistance activities related to COVID-19, it is urgent to enable all the possibilities of hiring health personnel”, sentence.

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