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Marc Fortiana, in an image on his corporate website.
Marc Fortiana, in an image on his corporate website.

When the lives of an alleged international con artist and a moved turned security entrepreneur crossed paths, everything went wrong. Alain Nicolas, 25, from Lebanese, felt threatened by a former partner and in April hired the services of Double Group, a company run by a police officer on leave of absence, Marc Fortiana, specialized in protecting personalities like Leo Messi. Fortiana covered Nicolas’s back with two guards and a Range Rover. The price: 900 euros a day that, very soon, the Lebanese stopped paying.

For whatever reason, Fortiana trusted a client who introduced himself as a fashion entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert. The young man managed to settle with his girlfriend, Inés I., in a mansion in Sant Cugat without paying a euro, after convincing the owner of his solvency. The moved He paid for a private plane trip to Marbella, gave him an interest-free loan, and even paid for his father’s security in Lebanon. At the end of the month, the young man owed him more than 63,000 euros. Enraged, Fortiana entered his house: “I want my money now! I’m not leaving this house until I have my fucking money! “

This is stated, at least, in the complaint filed by Nicolas, origin of an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division (DAI) of the Mossos that has uncovered an alleged network of opaque bonuses to active police officers. A judge from Rubí (Barcelona) is investigating whether Fortiana and his collaborators -among them, several agents- held Nicolas and Inés in the house of Sant Cugat against their will and, under duress, seized their belongings, including “a yellow diamond setting ”valued at 800,000 euros that presumably belonged to the girl’s great-grandmother.

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But the cause, to which EL PAÍS has acceded, has another derivative that affects the reputation of the Mossos. The judge investigates whether Fortiana made “undeclared payments” to “active” police officers in exchange for sporadic jobs in the field of security and, also, for information that they could only obtain from their privileged position as officials: for example, the consultation of official databases. Internal Affairs suspects that they were cash payments to “leave no trace.” According to the girl’s complaint for the alleged robbery with force, Fortiana boasted of having a large amount of cash and that she had had a house of one and a half million euros built in Vallromanes (Barcelona) with “black money”. The telephone conversations whose intervention the judge ordered point in the same direction: Fortiana talks about paying “8 in payroll and 10 in cash” and mentions the delivery of envelopes of 500 and 1,000 euros.

For Fortiana, on leave of absence since 2017 and promoter of a handful of companies (access control, security guards, luxury cars, cleaning), having Catalan police officers served to “give added value and quality to the services of your company, ”according to one of the Internal Affairs reports. When a client is interested in an accompaniment service by telephone, the employer is eloquent: “Most of our company bosses, myself the first, come from the Mossos corps. We are all policemen, that is, from special Mossos groups ”.

The calls show the penetration of Fortiana in some sectors of the police force. A certain Carles refuses “a three-day service” because he has a job. A corporal, Amadeu, agrees to act as an escort for an Arab businessman for 200 euros, asks him for “a company polo shirt” to provide the service and asks him what the guy is going to do in Barcelona. “I don’t know, it could be a brothel or it could be going shopping on Passeig de Gràcia (…). You will go with the VIP all day, ”says the businessman in a call in June.

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Those mossos Those who offered sporadic services may have violated the disciplinary regime that, as Internal Affairs recalls, prohibits this type of work activity. But there are others with a greater connection to the business who are at the epicenter of the investigation. Last October, Fortiana was arrested along with three other policemen: Raquel V., her partner, right hand in business and police in Ciutat Vella, and agents Daniel S. and José G. The Department of the Interior separated them. The instruction attributes to them, depending on the case, the crimes of robbery with force, bribery and disclosure of secrets.

A van for duress

Raquel V. searched the girl complainant the same day that Fortiana broke into her home. Daniel S. also consulted official databases when the young woman reported the theft. And José G. appeared at the house in Sant Cugat in uniform and in command of an ARRO (public order) van of the Mossos, the unit in which Fortiana had served. Their presence there served to “increase the feeling of coercion” of the alleged victims.

After testifying before the judge, Fortiana paid a bail of 85,000 euros and was released. In a letter sent to the court, he denies the crimes attributed to him and criticizes the “lack of consistency” of Nicolas’s complaint, whom he himself accuses of fraud in a complaint that cites a Facebook page in which dozens of people They point to the Lebanese as a scammer. The businessman admits that he went to his house to claim the amount owed, but affirms that he neither pressured him nor took anything without his consent. He also denies that he received confidential information from mossos in exchange for money.

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