The best perks for your Call of Duty: Warzone loadout

A staple of any Call of Duty game that provides players with the freedom to decide how to adapt their playstyle is perks.

Perks have been part of Call of Duty for nearly two decades and throughout that time they have evolved to what they are today.

These helpful little tools provide players with special abilities once they grab their loadout in the field.

Each loadout can be equipped with three unique perks that will remain active until either a new loadout is chosen or the player is eliminated.

It’s important to note that not all loadouts are made equally and will cater to different playstyles.

For example, the Cold Blooded perk is not too useful if you know you’ll be engaging in a lot of close-quarter fights where you’re unlikely to be tagged by a sniper with a thermal scope.

Similarly, EOD is not a reliable perk if you plan on keeping your distance in fights and are unlikely to be targeted by grenades of C4.

Nonetheless, there are some perks in Warzone which fit into nearly every loadout and playstyle.

Here are out top loadouts for Call of Duty: Warzone

Double Time – Slot 1

While on the surface Double Time seems like a simple perk that doubles the duration of your sprint while adding a bonus to crouch movement speed, it can provide a major tactical advantage if utilized properly.

If you’re an aggressive player, chances are you find yourself chasing after the enemy a lot, well Double Time might be what you need to catch up and finalize that kill.

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Or vice-versa, Double Time can help you escape a dangerous situation while making it harder for the enemy to shoot you.

One other benefit that often gets overlooked is how useful Double Time can be in the endgame when moving from one location to the next is extremely dangerous.

EOD-Slot 1

EOD helps to reduce damage from explosives

EOD is essentially a perk that rewards aggressive playstyles by reducing the damage players take from explosives such as frag grenades, semtex, C4 and claymores.

However, the reason EOD fits into so many loadouts is not just because it suits players who like to dive in headfirst into a fight but also those who like to play it safe, especially in the endgame.

One thing you can expect in the last couple of circles of a game is that you will either be holding a building or pushing one to gain a tactical advantage.

Either way, there’s going to be explosives, a lot of explosives.

EOD can give you that extra confidence to push a building knowing that claymore hidden in a corner won’t do as much damage while also keeping you alive if you’re stuck in a building being volleyed with grenades.

Overkill – Slot 2

Overkill allows you to use two primary weapons

Most players should consider putting the Overkill perk on at least one of their loadouts for the early game.

This perk allows players to have two primary weapons in their loadout, meaning players can double up on their main weapons without making any compromises.

Snipers will benefit the most out of this perk because it means you have an alternative reliable weapon for close and mid-range flights.

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Any player who has been on Warzone for a while will tell you that it is almost expected to grab a loadout with overkill on it at the beginning of the game and then switch to your more tactical perks later on when you grab another loadout.

Ghost-Slot 2

Ghost will prevent you from showing up on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors

Ghost may possibly be the most important perk on this list because of how beneficial it is at every and any point of a game.

The Ghost perk will ensure you won’t show up on UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors, making it much easier to sneak up on enemies or get away from them.

If you’re in the late game and are trying to keep a tactical position you are basically reacquired to have the Ghost perk.

Amped – Slot 3

Amped increases weapon changing speed and rocket launcher reload time

Amped is another essential perk if you’re going to be heading into close-quarter fights where you might not have time to wait on your reload.

This perk allows players to swap weapons faster, meaning it could be the difference between a win and loss in a fight.

Another benefit of this perk that is often overlooked is the fact it also increases reload speed for rocket launchers.

While many players may frown upon others that regularly use rocket launchers, there’s no denying their utility when it comes to destroying vehicles and dealing area damage.

Combat Scout – Slot 3

Combat Scout provides extremely important information to your teammates

Combat Scout is another perk that may seem simple on the surface but can offer massive benefits to not only yourself but the rest of our team.

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The perk will ping any enemies that you have dealt damage to and will highlight them for your whole squad.

This means that enemies will find it much more difficult to escape or hide from shootouts and also provides a bit of extra information for you and your teammates.

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