The Basque Government requests authorization from the TSJPV to require the covid-19 passport in places of recreation




The Basque Executive alleges that a measure of this type is necessary to help stop a new wave of community transmission of the virus and to encourage, even more if possible, vaccination.

With the objective of slow the progression of the pandemic, the Basque Government has presented the document in which it requests the contentious-administrative Chamber of the TSJPV to judicial authorization to request the Covid Digital Certificate of the European Union in certain places or establishments as an additional measure to those established by the Department of Health.

Regarding the object and scope of the authorization, the Executive explains that the Covid Digital Certificate is intended to be required in the establishments intended to offer the public leisure and dance activities such as discos, dance halls, party rooms with shows, music bars, karaokes.

As for the pubes and special bars included in Group III, the measure will be required from 22:00 hours. Likewise, the measure affects restaurants with an authorized capacity for dining places of more than 50 people.

In this way, both access and permanence inside said establishments, as long as the cumulative incidence rate in the whole of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi of positive cases by Covid-19 in the last 14 days is equal to or greater than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, will be subject to the control of those responsible for the establishment who must control the display of the paper or digital support of the Covid Digital Certificate.

As the Executive announced this Thursday in a note, the legal services of the Basque Government allege that a measure of this type is necessary to contribute to stop a new wave community transmission of the virus and to encourage, even more if possible, the vaccination of all citizens.

Likewise, according to the document, they consider that the necessary affection to fundamental rights, in this case the individual liberties, is contrasted with the fundamental right to life and public health, which must prevail above all else.

The Basque Government has also taken into account the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, which has endorsed very similar measures in some cases. “According to the doctrine of this court, the fundamental right to data protection is not affected insofar as it only foresees the exhibition of the documentation presented for access to the premises, in order to verify the authenticity of the same,” says the brief. .

Follow the recommendationss in the face of the coronavirus from the health authorities. If you live in the CAV and have symptoms, call your usual health center. The Health Council will also attend to people on the phone 900 20 30 50, offering information and solving doubts about the coronavirus. If you live in Navarra, call the Health Council phone number: 948 290 290. Remember that the most effective way to prevent the spread of covid-19 is to use a mask, ventilate the spaces, keep a safe distance and wash your hands.

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