The barons close ranks with Genoa against Ayuso: “It is very important not to get infected in order to be free” | Spain


The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at a ceremony this Wednesday in Madrid.
The Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at a ceremony this Wednesday in Madrid.Sergio R. Moreno (GTRES)

Closure of ranks of popular barons with Genoa before the last twist of the conflict with Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Two regional presidents of the PP, that of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, and that of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, have made clear on Wednesday their support for the management’s strategy on the management of the pandemic in front of the Madrid president. The two leaders, who have not always been related to the leadership of Pablo Casado – especially Mañueco – are in this matter on the side of Genoa in the clash with Ayuso. Mañueco and López Miras have stressed that they have canceled in their communities the massive Christmas dinners that Ayuso defends and for which he has confronted the management, and that they have done so out of “responsibility” and “common sense”, following the recommendations from health experts. The Murcian president has thrown a dart loaded with irony at his Madrid colleague: “It is very important not to get infected [de covid] to be free ”.

López Miras was referring to the dichotomy that Ayuso presented in the campaign of the last Madrid elections to confront the left: “Communism or freedom.” The Murcian president, very close to the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has already launched other ironic invectives to the Madrid leader during the internal conflict. Like when, in the middle of the national convention, he came down with a “dear president, I’m staying in Murcia too … no, I’m kidding!”, After Ayuso promised live that he will not try to move Casado’s chair because his place is Madrid. The words of leaders related to the leadership such as López Miras reveal the exhaustion of Genoa in the face of a conflict that does not stop.

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In the worst moments of the pandemic, the PP barons adopted policies contrary to that of Ayuso, which was the only one to distinguish itself from the rest with the most lax restrictions in practically all of Europe, keeping bars and restaurants open. Although the popular presidents avoided confrontation with their counterpart in Madrid at that time, privately some of them were heard at that time about their discomfort at the decision of the Madrid leader, which they considered irresponsible and that it left them – who did close – in a bad place with the catering industry. Now, when Ayuso has confronted the leadership of the PP for the celebration of the party’s Christmas dinners with hundreds of militants, the barons have come out in defense of the dome before the president of Madrid.

The president of Murcia has been the clearest in taking a stand against the mass dinners that Ayuso wants to celebrate. “The most responsible and prudent thing is not to go to lunch or dinner with 500 people. Common sense says so ”, has manifested itself in an event in Madrid organized by The reason. López Miras has advised “to pay attention to the experts”, and in this regard he has asked himself: “And what do they tell us? That the current situation is far from the seriousness of the previous ones, but it is by no means completely normal. We have an incident that should concern us ”. Murcia’s health experts, its president stressed, advise him “to face the Christmas season with prudence and responsibility.”

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Mañueco, like López Miras, recalled that his party in Castilla y León has canceled the dinners. “Before a decision was made by Genoa, in the PP of Castilla y León we had made a decision of similar characteristics,” he explained upon arrival at the meeting. “Each one has to act according to their responsibilities”, has defended the president of Castilla y León, who asks for prudence and “to be calm in this type of situation”.

The two barons have been seen in Madrid with the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, one of the protagonists of the internal war as Ayuso’s black beast. The number two of the PP has defended the decision of the dome to suspend the events of the party to “set an example” in the face of the increase in infections by covid. “Christmas spirit and precaution for everyone because the virus is still there and I believe that all of Spain, the entire PP and even all the companies that have decided to take precautions against this possible wave of Covid,” said García Egea. “I believe that we are setting an example for all of Spain to continue enjoying our hoteliers and our Christmas, always with responsibility.”

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