The bar that had been a subscriber to the first prize of the Child for 37 years

The silver trumpet bar in Logroño is one of those places “of a lifetime, with good customers.” Their owners They had been playing the same number of the Lotería del Niño, 41,665, for 37 years, when they opened the bar, until finally, in 2022, he has touched the first prize. “You can imagine if there was a win,” Yolanda, the owners’ daughter, tells excitedly.

“It has touched all my people who lived here, and that is the greatest illusion they could give us”, he relates. Both owners and customers celebrate in the bar “in style” having taken a good pinch of this award, which distributes 200,000 euros to the tenth, and which has been sold in full in the administration number 6 of Logroño, Loterías María del Carmen.

“Subscribers for generations”

Most of those who have bought the tenth are customers “subscribers for generations, because this number is very popular”, as explained by Ángel Alda, the head of this administration with half a century of history.

Alda has been “excited and very happy” to have distributed the award in full. “We had practically sold this number since it arrivedThose that end in 5 or 7 are the most sought after and this one had long-term subscribers, “he explained.

The Children’s Draw, the second most important of the year, has distributed 700 million in prizes in 2022. It is celebrated, unlike the Christmas Lottery, with a multiple hype system and distributes three main prizes. The second was 44,469, which has fallen throughout Spain, and the third was 19,467. Also very distributed, it has fallen into Valencia, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), Madrid, Villafranca de Córdoba or Noia (A Coruña), among other localities.

Year 2022

  1. FIRST


    First prize



  3. THIRD


  4. 4 FIGURES

  5. 3 FIGURES

    • 435

    • 842

    • 822

    • 851

    • 709

    • 740

    • 025

    • 300

    • 665

    • 632

    • 721

    • 239

    • 186

    • 641

  6. 2 FIGURES


Juan, the first to approach: 20 years playing the same number

Juan Jiménez has been the first to approach Administration number six in Logroño, which has sold El Gordo de El Niño in its entirety, showing his number with great joy: He had been buying it for “at least” twenty years and will pay the mortgage with it.

14 hours – The 41.665, first prize of the Lotería Del Niño, falls in La Rioja – Listen now

He is 45 years old, has not received anything for four years and, at the moment, has his mother, with Alzheimer’s, and a brother who is also dependent in his care. While he was speaking with the journalists, the person in charge of the Administration told him: “Keep the number well.” Juan could not believe it, he was “in a cloud”, as he has related.

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