The autopsy of Esther López shows internal trauma, but does not clarify the cause of death | Spain

Esther López probably died as a result of an internal trauma that caused her to hemorrhage, but forensic scientists have not yet been able to determine the cause of death, whether it was violent and homicidal or accidental, or whether it was undetermined. The results of the preliminary report of the autopsy on the corpse of Esther López have revealed that the body had internal traumatisms, according to sources of the investigation, who do not consider that with this information a specific cause of death can be determined or if the supposed blows that caused is injury have to do with it.

The body of the 35-year-old woman was found this Saturday morning in an area of ​​high visibility next to a road and frequented by walkers from Traspinedo (Valladolid, 1,100 inhabitants), the town where she and her family came from. The researchers assume that her body was deposited there at night, since the raids that have combed these lands or the walkers or cyclists themselves would very likely have seen the body if she had been there from the beginning. Neither the Civil Guard, which this morning has returned to the area of ​​the discovery to make new inquiries, nor the forensic experts have officially reported the results of the autopsy.

Those familiar with the analysis of the dead body explain that a CT scan has been performed that confirms visually inappreciable internal bruising, but they insist that it cannot therefore be concluded that it is a homicide or murder, since the death could have occurred accidentally.

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The key to shedding more certainty about the case, they add, is found in the reports from the Toxicology area, a specialty that studies all the substances that may be present both inside and on the body and that can clarify the causes of death.

The woman disappeared on the night of Wednesday, January 12, after watching a soccer game and spending some leisure time with several friends. The statements of these people have made it possible to reconstruct that she got out of the car in which they were travelling, after discussing why López wanted to continue partying and the others go home, next to a roundabout that gives access to the road that leads to the town, some 700 meters from the body’s discovery point. Then, López went to Ramón’s house the handyman, a man whose residence is close to that roundabout.

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The man spent six days in detention and remains on probation after nothing significant was found in the searches of his home. The other two men investigated are two friends of the disappeared, named Óscar and Carlos. The Government delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, reported this Sunday via Twitter that her death was a “violent death”, a fact that was not confirmed by official mechanisms.

The Civil Guard, which has taken charge of the case, has reported that the complaint about the lack of news of Esther López reached them on January 17, since the family had already experienced some prolonged absence of the woman, five days after miss her. This circumstance has made it difficult to search for her, as the agents have recognized, who have relied on the signals of the woman’s mobile phone to try to locate a place to find her.

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That criterion was followed to reach Ramón’s home and that both the authorities and citizen raids threshed that area of ​​pine forests, near the mighty Duero River, which was also observed with divers and specialists in search of clues or the woman’s body.

On Sunday, the Traspinedo City Council declared three days of official mourning and called a rally, supported by hundreds of people from the area and the surrounding area, to support the family, much loved in the town. The inhabitants admit that the discovery of the body supposes an immense pain, but that at least it supposes “some relief” to close the drama of not knowing where López was, although now the dilemma of knowing who could have caused the death of his neighbor and hide the body for weeks.

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