The autopsy and the security cameras, keys to clarify the death of Esther López

The civil Guard keeps all lines of investigation open to clarify how the death of Esther López, the 35-year-old woman whose body was found this Saturday by a passerby near an access road to the town of Traspinedo, in Valladolid, where she lived, occurred.

While awaiting the results of the autopsy, the agents focus in the analysis of security cameras of the La Maña restaurant, at the intersection of the N-122, which is close to the gutter where the body appeared. The area is a plot that had not been tracked as it is a regular area of ​​passage for neighbors with good visibility, although raids had been carried out in the vicinity during the 25 days that the young woman has been missing.

As confirmed by sources in the investigation, Esther López would have appeared in the same clothes she was wearing on the day of her disappearance and the body was in good condition, so it is not ruled out. that could have been transferred. In order to shed some light, the result of the autopsy that is being carried out on the corpse starting this Sunday at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Valladolid will be very important and will continue on Monday.

For the moment Nothing noteworthy has been found to help clarify the causes of death, according to sources close to the case cited by EFE.

Despite the fact that the Government delegate against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, has confirmed in Twitter that the death was “violent” and even the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has maintained that work is being done so that the death of Esther López does not go “unpunished” and that those who have committed the crime “end up where they have to end up”, it is true that the researchers have all the lines of research active to clarify what has happened.

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“Nothing is ruled out”

In statements to the media, the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Álvarez, after participating in the five minutes of silence that the municipality of Traspinedo has dedicated to his neighbor and in support of his family, has insisted that all roads are open, when asked if it could have been a natural death.

“Nothing is ruled out, everything is speculation”has influenced the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, who has been referred to the secrecy of the case summary and waiting for what the autopsy says.

The sub-delegate of the Government has also not entered into the question of whether there was any type of follow-up to any of the suspects, such as the only detainee who was later released, and has ruled out that there will be “in principle, some arrest shortly.”

Concentration in memory of the young

Meanwhile, the residents of the town have maintained five minutes of silence in support of the family of their neighbor Esther and also to ask that “justice be done and clarification” what happened as soon as possible.

The residents of Traspinedo gather to demand justice for Esther López

At noon the City Council of this municipality of just over 1,100 residents held an extraordinary plenary session in which he declared three days of mourning, starting this Sunday, although the black crepe has been hanging since Saturday at the Consistory and on the large poster with Esther’s photo and the message “your smile is our hope”.

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Flowers and candles under the photo and at the entrance of the Consistory have remembered the young woman, to whose family the municipal corporation has sent its deepest condolences, with a minute of silence in support and affection in such a “hard time.

Esther’s family has thanked the support in an open letter and has asked respect to be able to “mourn alone” the death of her daughter, in a moment of “indescribable pain”. They also highlight the work of the Civil Guard: “We know that they have done everything possible to bring our daughter back and that, from now on, they will do everything possible to unravel the circumstances of his death and find, if any, those who have any responsibility in what has happened to Esther”.

A detainee on provisional release

Esther López was seen for the last time on January 12 at dawn, on the outskirts of Traspinedo, next to a junction of the N-122 road where he would have gotten out of a car while arguing with a friend.

The young woman went out at night with a group of people and watched the Spanish Super Cup football match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid on television in a bar. Her cell phone ceased to be operational and the witnesses located the last area in which she was seen in the surroundings of the La Maña restaurant.

On January 22, a neighbor was arrested, whose home was analyzed for several days with a detailed eye investigation and whose results are awaiting laboratory tests.

After spending the first 72 hours in detention and extending the judge for the same period, the first detainee was released on bail last Fridayalthough you must appear before the judicial authority every day, you will not be able to leave Spain and you will have to notify any change of residence.

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In addition, her home is located in an urbanization on the outskirts of Traspinedo, close to the area where the mobile signal of the missing woman, the Civil Guard, was lost. investigates another neighbor of the town whose identity was not revealed.

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