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Did you know which have been the most successful news of the month of May for the readers of During these last twelve months we have told thousands of stories. All this through endless articles, interviews and reports in a year marked by COVID-19, the La Palma volcano and sporting events such as the European Championship or the Olympic Games in Japan. Por that same reason we wanted to summarize the year in the articles that most interested you in 2021. “

“The find that everyone will talk about”: remains of hominids up to 100,000 years old in Italy

Last May, a group of researchers discovered hominid remains up to 100,000 years old in Italy. Specifically in the Guattari cave, where the remains of nine hominids were found of the Neanderthal period and of some animals of the time. In particular, 8 are from hominids that lived between 50,000 and 68,000 years ago, while the oldest of them would have been between 100 thousand and 90 thousand years old.

Joint statement from Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus on the Super League: “FIFA and UEFA, this is unacceptable”

The Super League has undoubtedly been one of the great fiascos of 2021. Just a few hours after up to a total of 12 European clubs signed an agreement to bring the first European league forward, the project began to unravel due to the pressure so much of the fans as of the football lovers themselves. After the collapse of the competition, the heads of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus issued a joint statement charging against FIFA and UEFA.

“The site that will change history manuals”: what the Guadiana basin hides

Just a few days after the historic discovery in the Guattari cave, the Twitter user Itineratur It showed us that in Spain there are also the most surprising deposits. All this through an archaeological dissemination thread published through social networks, in which he recalled the importance of the Tartessian site of Casas del Turuñuelo, in Guareña (Badajoz). A buried building that has a mysterious monumental staircase, wall heights of up to 7 meters and the first known vault on the Iberian Peninsula.

“I’m from the Falange, fag, Romanian and adopted”: a ‘First Dates’ diner leaves Sobera speechless

Rafa appeared last May in front of the cameras of First Dates What a true lover of bullfighting, football and Spanish gastronomy. But not only that. After chatting for the first time with Carlos Sobera, he assured that it was “from the phalanx, fag, Romanian and adopted”. A description of the most peculiar thing that left the Basque presenter with his mouth open because he did not know very well how to approach the situation generated by his guest.

The story behind the hug on the beach in Ceuta: “The young man was returned to Morocco soon after”

The crisis that occurred last May in Ceuta left a series of unknowns regarding the validity and transience of international relations in general, and those of Spain and Morocco in particular. But what it left, above all, is endless images that will remain etched for a long time in the minds of those who have followed the Ceuta border crossing. Among all of them, the hug of one of the Red Cross workers to a young immigrant. Here we tell you what happened to the young man after this iconic hug.

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