The Andalusian vice president blames the PP of Casado for maneuvering to advance the elections | Spain

The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marín, in the autonomous Parliament on November 10.
The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marín, in the autonomous Parliament on November 10.Joaquin Corchero (Europa Press)

In almost three years of the Andalusian government of coalition of PP and Citizens there has never been as much noise as now. The intervention behind closed doors of the Andalusian vice president, Juan Marín, before his parliamentary group in which he describes as “stupid” approving the 2022 Budget in an electoral year has not only blown up the negotiation that the Executive had with the PSOE and Vox. Distrust among the 21 regional deputies of Cs has skyrocketed and doubts about the duration of the legislature are growing. Marín believes he sees an attempt at destabilization to precipitate the electoral call by the national leadership of the PP and the former secretary of Cs Organization, Fran Hervías, who since March has been working under the orders of the popular secretary general, Teodoro García Egea.

Speaking in Onda Cero, Marín has assured not to have “the slightest doubt” that Hervías has been responsible for filtering his controversial intervention before the parliamentary group. “There is a very clear hand behind all this: our former Secretary of Organization,” he said. According to the Andalusian vice president, “it could be interpreted that it is a maneuver of the PP to force an electoral advance in Andalusia” because the takeover of Teodoro García Egea on Citizens and the maneuvers of Mr. Hervías to try to annihilate Citizens in Andalusia is “public and notorious ”. Sources close to the former leader of Cs ruled out “entering into a game of falsehoods to cover the seriousness” of Marín’s statements “against the Government of the Junta.”

Neither Genoa nor the Andalusian PP give credit to Marín’s version. Last spring, Pablo Casado’s leadership was pushing for the electoral advance in Andalusia, after the victory of Isabel Diaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid. They believed then that a triumph for Juan Manuel Moreno, like the one indicated in the polls, would bring a tailwind for national interests.

The situation now is very different: the most urgent thing in the PP is to close the crisis with Díaz Ayuso and plug an internal division that is beginning to be punished by the electorate, as reflected in the CIS survey this Wednesday, in which the PP descends by 1.2 points in vote estimation compared to the last poll.

The national leadership of the PP denies being behind the leak of Marín’s audio and assures that at this point the date of the Andalusian elections is indifferent, reports Elsa García de Blas. Sources from the leadership emphasize that Casado does not change anything if the elections are in March, August or November, and that the only thing that interests the management is that Moreno do very well and revalidate the Board, because that It will do well for the leader of the PP. In Genoa they also emphasize that Marín has the problem for having made these statements, and he must take responsibility for them without blaming the PP. “The problem is yours,” insist sources at the highest level of the leadership of the PP.

The Andalusian Government now intends to show that Marín’s thing has no political relevance and that it is only a setback as a result of the internal division in the parliamentary group of Cs. “It is the Citizens’ war. There are deputies who were defenestrated, who record and filter, ”government sources say. The slogan is to convey that the Executive enjoys stability, transfer normality and scare away the controversy generated by the words of the Andalusian vice president with a slap in the air, as if it were a heavy fly without importance. However, there are PP leaders who do not share this unconcern and who believe that it will be very difficult to exhaust the legislature, as Moreno publicly maintains that he will do, with a group of 21 deputies from Ciudadanos in decomposition.

These leaders call Marín “disloyal”. And not because he considered it “stupid” to approve a Budget in an electoral year, but because in that intervention in June the vice president of the Board ordered his group to stop the star legislative project of the PP, the Law of Promotion for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LIST). “We are interested in it being approved as late as possible,” says Marín with the intention of short-circuiting a possible electoral advance. For the PP that rule, which will see the light next week with the approval of the Government parties, Vox and PSOE, is its main legislative achievement, along with the tax cut.

In the parliamentary group of Citizens they do not hide that the internal environment registers high doses of “toxicity”. Since the beginning of the legislature, the group – in which some still maintain good communication with Hervías – has been divided between supporters and detractors of Juan Marín, who maintains his idea of ​​presenting himself in the primaries to be elected as a candidate for the Board. Marín has starred in many clashes with the Minister of Equality, Rocío Ruiz, whom he unsuccessfully tried to remove from the Government. The distrust among the deputies is extreme, to the point that in a meeting the secretary of the group asked the deputies to put their mobile phones in a bag. Now everyone is looking for the author of the recording and there are not a few who point to the deputy for Córdoba Fran Carrillo, whom Marín relieved of the group’s leadership along with the spokesman, Sergio Romero. “My differences with Marín are evident, but I consider the recording within the group abject, despicable and miserable,” Carrillo told this newspaper.

Faced with the message of the Andalusian Government that there is the most absolute normality and that it is possible to continue the legislature with some extended Budgets, Vox, its until now parliamentary partner, registered on Wednesday an amendment to the entire bill, which had been drawn up from the 4th, a day after the Budget entered Parliament. His spokesman, Manuel Gavira, assured that he will not withdraw it as they did on other occasions and advocated the early calling of elections because the Andalusian Government is “fragile and unstable.” Vox has very outlined the message that it will use in the campaign: the PP does not comply with what it pacts and manages “the socialist heritage”.

The PSOE has seen in Marín’s statements an opportunity to attack the Andalusian president. The Socialists will ask for Moreno to appear in Parliament and make him jointly responsible for the words spoken by Marín, said the secretary general of the PSOE, Juan Espadas. “It is shameful that an entire government has been saying for two months that it is negotiating a budget for Andalusians and that this is absolutely false,” he said.

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