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In the absence of knowing the exact date of the Andalusian elections, for weeks everything has been a campaign in Andalusia. The five parties with parliamentary representation have turned the extraordinary plenary session held this Friday in which the Ministers of Health and Finance have appeared into an electoral ring. The absence of the President of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, in the plenary session has been fully exploited by PSOE, United We Can and Vox to accuse the popular of “arrogance” and lack of interest in community problems.

The Government has argued to justify the empty chair that the Andalusian president already had a closed agenda when last Wednesday an extraordinary plenary session was convened for Friday at two in the afternoon, approved with the support of the opposition and the abstention of the PP and Ciudadanos. , the parties that support the Government. Moreno has been in Madrid in the morning where he has been interviewed on RNE and then has held an interview with the governor of the Bank of Spain. In the afternoon, the Andalusian president attended a meeting with the PP candidate for the presidency of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, in Salamanca.

The absence of the president has been a great plot gift for the opposition, despite the fact that it is not usual for the heads of government to be at the appearances of their advisers or ministers in ordinary sessions. But Moreno got angry a week ago when the opposition tried – unsuccessfully, because Vox did not support him – a plenary session during a non-working period. He then warned that he would call elections in February if “there is a systematic blockade” of PSOE and Vox. Nothing has been voted on in plenary, so the risk of losing votes, which would show the current minority situation of the Executive, was non-existent.

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According to the popular, PSOE, United We Can and Vox pursue with the extraordinary call for sessions the wear and tear of the Government with an issue such as the poor situation of primary care in health centers, with levels of covid through the roof in patients and doctors. The parliamentary debate on the pandemic has always been held in a good tone and with great complicity on the part of all groups with the Government, aware of the seriousness of a disease that has so far caused the death of 12,000 Andalusians.

But the decision of the autonomous Executive not to renew the contract of 8,000 toilets at the end of October (another 12,000 were renewed) put an end to that stage of understanding. The protests of the unions for the management of the pandemic (there are demonstrations called on February 10 and 19), the queues at health centers, the lack of response to requests for medical appointments, the objective data that a situation of similar collapse decisively helped the PSOE lose the Junta de Andalucía in 2018 and the proximity of the elections, although they do not have a date, have made health care the main argument of the opposition to try for the first time in three years disheveled the Andalusian president.

For the Vox spokesman, Manuel Gavira, Moreno’s absence in the debate shows “that he cares very little about the health care of Andalusians.” According to him, the Government of PP and Cs maintains a “denier” attitude about the Andalusian health situation. “They do not deceive anyone because it is enough to look at a health center. What you see is embarrassing. The Andalusians do not deserve this”.

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The spokeswoman for United We Can, Inmaculada Nieto, has described Moreno’s decision to attend a rally of his party to help Pablo Casado in his electoral strategy as “superb” and to be more concerned about the results in that community —”for God, get a good result and that we have a sufficient majority, that we reach the Andalusian elections with a sufficient majority”, he said days ago, “that for Andalusia. She has accused the Executive of “weakening” the public health system, of not hiring professionals despite having budgetary resources for it and of not knowing the number of infected because there are more casualties than cases registered in the public health system.

The socialist Ángeles Férriz has accused the Andalusian president “of not having his feet on the ground” by giving a “sit-in” to Parliament in a debate that the PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, has followed from the guest gallery. “He denies what is happening and hides,” she has said. “Blaming others is not an option, because people are fed up and they are dismantling public health with the help of the extreme right,” she said.


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