The A-15 can be closed on Saturday at noon between Andoain and Berastegi if it snows



Snow and traffic

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Euskalmet has announced snow below 700 meters from 12:00 on Saturday to 06:00 on Sunday, so that, if it finally snows, the Gipuzkoan section of the A-15 will be closed until it stops snowing .


Aintzane Oiarbide.

The A-15 will be closed this Saturday at noon in both directions, and as established by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa in the Winter Road Plan, from the Andoain link to the Berastegi link, in the Gipuzkoan section, due to the risk of snowfall. The Basque Agency for Meteorology-Euskalmet has announced snow below the 700 meters from 12:00 hours on Saturday to 06:00 hours on Sunday.

The deputy of Road Infrastructures, Aintzane Oiarbide, has explained that the roadblock will not occur until it starts to snow. “Highway personnel and traffic regulators will agree in situ the closure of the A-15, and to open it will proceed in the same way: once the snow subsides, it will be decided in situ if the conditions exist to open the road safely. The circulation will be diverted to the road from Berastegi to Tolosa “, he has detailed.

However, for the duration of the alert, the circulation of trucks along the GI-2130 road. They must use the NI or Sakana’s to get to Gipuzkoa or to go to Navarra. The Light vehicles may use the road Tolosa to Leitza. The Navarra Provincial Police and the Ertzaintza will collaborate in redirecting traffic.

Oiarbide has advanced that “while the highway remains closed, the number of vehicles will increase considerably on the GI-2130 road”, so that “all the means at our disposal will be used to keep the road in the best possible conditions”.

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The deputy stressed the importance of following the recommendations and avoiding, as far as possible, any type of risk. “In very bad weather conditions, it is advisable not to take the car, and in case of urgent need, check that the vehicle is in good condition and that it has the appropriate equipment “, stressed Oiarbide, and added that” when the road is in poor condition, you should clear the left lane so that snowplows and emergency vehicles can carry out their tasks. “

In addition, it has pointed out that the work of the Belabieta tunnel conditions the winter roads. “The A-15 is a mountain highway that, due to its height, is one of the points most affected by snow. In the current situation, with the traffic regulated by bypass, the snow machines could not function properly, for so it has been decided to close the highway due to the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of the users of the A-15. The only section that will remain open will be the one between Berastegi and Leitza “, he stated.

Immediately after the alert for snow falls, and when it is possible to do so safely, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa will open the highway and restore traffic.


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