the 37 million from the NATO summit have been awarded by finger

Spain celebrated this Monday in a solemn ceremony the 40th anniversary of the country’s entry into NATO. The king, the Prime Minister and eight socialist ministers attended the meeting, but there was no representation from the purple wing of the Executive. In a press conference held parallel to the celebration at the Teatro Real, the group’s co-spokesperson, Javier Sánchez Serna, justified accusing Pedro Sánchez of distributing “by finger” the 37 million that the next summit of the Atlantic Alliance will cost in Madrid.

“Podemos is not going to attend because we believe there are other priorities to those 37 million that it is going to cost and that have been awarded by hand, without any type of public tender. Those 37 million are not going to benefit a scenario of peace”, assured Sánchez Serna. “If they give us a choice between multiplying tanks and machine guns or hiring more teachers (…) We have it clear“, has added.

The party’s spokesman refers to information published by the digital newspaper 20minutes, in which the cost of the Interior and Foreign Ministries to organize the event, which will be held at IFEMA, in Madrid, on the next 29 days, is estimated at that amount. and June 30. This Monday the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, assured that the summit will be “historic”, since it will deal with the response to the conflict in Ukraine and the new strategic concept will be defined, which will define the direction of the Alliance in the next decade.

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The only minister from the United We Can sector invited to the event was the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, who has not decided not to attend. From their environment they point out that the event also coincided with a medical appointment important that it had previously closed.

Podemos has announced that no member of its formation will attend the June summit either, but it has not clarified whether there will be any representative of the United We Can coalition, which also includes members of other organizations.

They call for a “great summit for peace” instead of the NATO summit

According to the spokesman for the purple coalition, “the greatest contribution our country can make at this time is to host a great summit for peace and through diplomatic channels” to end the “enormous human suffering in the Ukrainian population” caused by the Russian invasion of the country.

He has shown his concern with the announcement of an increase in defense spending to reach the 2% of GDP required by NATO. Pedro Sánchez has already anticipated that Spain will reach that threshold, an idea that he has insisted on during the act before Stoltenberg. “I am going to convey to the Spaniards that we must make that effortbecause far greater is the cost of sitting idly by while the most elemental, the most fundamental of our society, such as freedom, is put in check.

Sánchez Serna believes that one of the conclusions of the summit will be an increase in military spending among its members, and has insisted that his priority is “social spending.” From the United Left, one of the parties that make up United We Can, they have also stressed their opposition to the summit of the Western military bloc. The “DNA of its formation” arose as a result of the mobilizations against the entry of Spain into NATO and, therefore, it does not support this type of event from the conviction that the alliance is a “instrument for war, not for peace”.

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The IU federal spokeswoman, Sira Rego, explained that the absence of representatives of her training is “more than justified” from its historical position. “We are a political organization committed to peace and that puts the value of life at the center,” Rego insisted, adding that, in line with this position, IU will not support the meeting of the Atlantic Alliance at the end of June and yes will support the “alternative summit for peace”, which will be convened by social movements on the eve of this event.

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