The 32 most dangerous jobs in the UK revealed in new study – from paramedic to painter


A list of the 32 most dangerous jobs in the UK has been revealed in a new study.

Research carried out by StandOut CV looked into all civilian roles that are considered to be dangerous.

Experts included a number of factors, including physical injuries, long term illnesses, chemical and biological risk, mental health problems and environmental factors.

Being a paramedic was found to be the most dangerous job in the UK. The study noted 2,993 attacks on paramedics by patients reported on average every year.

Firefighter was the second most dangerous role in the UK due to the risks of dealing with fires, collapsing buildings, high risk of asthma and the 60.2 per cent that have reported living with mental health problems in the role.

Oil rig workers were third on the list due to the dangers of the ocean and the high injury rate. They also referred to a UN study, which found that petroleum and oil workers had an increased chance of skin, blood, prostate, urinary and mesothelioma cancers.

A civil engineer was found to have the best ratio of compensation compared to danger – earning an average salary fo £50k a year, but exposed to risks such as collapsing buildings and being hit by machinery.

Paramedic was the most dangerous according to the study

In response to the findings, Andrew Fennell, former recruiter and current director at StandOut CV, said: “It’s not surprising to see key workers like paramedics and firefighters at the top of the list, especially over the last couple of years. These workers dedicate their lives to helping others in times of need, but it is sad to see statistics like the three in five firefighters suffering from mental health problems.”

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“We hope this study encourages the public to appreciate the many people who put themselves in difficult situations to bring us vital services, and those who may go unsung like the sewer flushers and industrial cleaners of the world.”

Here is the full list of the 32 most dangerous jobs, followed by the average salary, the average hours worked and the job danger score.

one paramedical £32,341 37.5 19.31
two fire fighter £28,217 42 16.57
3 Oil Platform Worker £40,000 54 15.06
4 Deckhand £21,700 44 14.45
5 Nurse £28,593 39.5 13.81
6 Prison Officer £26,881 39 13.2
7 roofer £26,000 35 13.09
8 cabdriver £22,000 42 12.87
9 farmer £35,500 40 12.29
10 door-staff £22,500 38 11.65
eleven Police officer £30,147 38.5 11.42
12 Bin Worker £21,000 39 11.23
13 Mental Health Career £35,746 42 11.17
14 Industrial Cleaner £20,000 40 10.87
fifteen HGV Driver £27,500 Four. Five 10.85
16 surgeon £64,570 42.5 10.7
17 scaffolder £29,500 44 10.23
18 electrical £30,000 35 9.31
19 Tree Surgeon £29,000 42 8.73
twenty Demolition Worker £23,500 44 8.62
twenty-one Quarry Worker £23,000 42.5 8.58
22 Crane Operator £28,500 41 7.87
23 Commercial Diver £27,643 43 7.47
24 Chemical Plant Process Operator £27,500 42 7.02
25 mechanical £26,500 41.5 6.83
26 civil engineer £50,000 41 6.39
27 Forklift Driver £23,500 Four. Five 6.26
28 Large Animal Vet £40,000 42.5 6.1
29 Water Treatment Worker £24,500 43 5.96
30 welder £27,000 Four. Five 5.74
31 Sewer Flusher £45,000 Four. Five 5.69
32 painter £24,500 43 3.16

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