The 13F candidates cast their vote and call for massive participation

All the major party candidates in the elections in Castilla y León They have already cast their vote at the polling stations in the towns where they are registered.

The candidate for Ciudadanos, Francisco Igea, and the candidate for Por Ávila, Pedro Pascual, have been the early risers and they voted around 10:00, while the Vox candidate, Juan García-Gallado, was the last to cast his vote, at around 1:00 p.m.

As usual, they have made a call and participation and they have thanked the work of the members of the months, of the proxies and controllers of the parties, as well as of the State Forces and Security and the workers of the different administrations that make the celebration of the day possible.

Tudanca: “A day of celebration and hope”

The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Luis Tudancahas exercised his right at 11.30 in the Gamonal North Civic Center of Burgoswhere he has attended accompanied by the provincial secretary of the Socialists, Esther Peña, and the mayor of the city, Daniel de la Rosa.

Tudanca has shown its confidence that the elections will register a “great mobilization” and has asked the Castilian-Leonese to vote “massively”, which is “the best news that can be given”. The socialist candidate -who has thanked the members of the polling stations, attorneys-in-fact, auditors and the people who work during election day for their work- added that live “a day of celebration and hope” in which all citizens “can wish in five minutes” what they want for the future of their autonomous community.

Mañueco: “We risk the future”

The Popular Party candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manuecohas voted at the headquarters of the Territorial Delegation of the Junta in Salamanca, in the Plaza de la Constitución and has shown his desire for a “mass turnout” in a day in which “all of Spain is pending Castilla y León”.

“Today we are risking the future of Castilla y León for the next four years”, pointed out the current president of the Board, who confirmed that he will continue the count in Salamanca as he has done “always since 1982”. Manueco thanked “all the people who make the celebration of this day” possible for his work, especially the intervenors and representatives of his party.

Igea (Cs) appeals to “moderation”

Citizens’ candidate Francisco Igeavoted around 10:00 a.m. at the headquarters of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Duero of Valladolid and, at the exit, he expressed his wish that the Castilian-Leonese give “a message of good sense”, Igea, who has confessed to having the feeling that his party will obtain a “very good result”, has indicated that “if something fails, will be the candidate

In addition, he has shown his confidence that citizens will say “no” to those who “use this community for their benefit” so hope that “moderation” triumphs in a country every day “more polarized and lacking a space” like the one that occupies his training, he specified.

Fernández (UP) expects “a historic day”

The candidate of United We Can to the Cortes of Castilla y León, Paul Fernandezhas voted in San Marcelo building of León City Hall and on his departure he has pointed out that this 13F could be a “historic day” in which “hope overcomes resignation”.

Fernández, who has highlighted the “exceptional” work of the UP representatives, has recognized that the “hope” can beat depopulationto the deterioration of what is public and to 35 years” to those who have been condemned by “the same policies” and has indicated that the “concern of the PP is palpable”.

García-Gallardo: “Every vote is important for change”

The Vox candidate, Juan García-Gallardo, voted at around 1:00 p.m. at the Río Arlanzón Public School and upon leaving, encouraged participation and expressed his desire that “no incident” occur.

García-Gallardo has affirmed that each vote is “important so that change and the alternative can happen” and has been “convinced” that Vox is going to be decisive after these elections, but has preferred to be “cautious” and “not sell bearskin before hunting it”.

Santos (UPL) hopes that the “good feelings” will be confirmed

The candidate of the Union of the Leonese People (UPL), Louis Mariano Santoshas voted this Sunday in Cistierna, his hometownand has stated that he hopes that people will be encouraged, that they go to the polls en masse and confirm the good sensations” that they have had during “the entire campaign”.

“We hope that people fill the ballot boxes and fill them with a Leonese vote”, he stated after depositing his ballot. Santos has been “optimistic” with the possible result and has assured that today he is more sure than ever that they will achieve significant support from the public to be able to carry out “a policy change, which is what we want“.

Ceña (Soria ¡Ya!) trusts in the mobilization

Angel Cenacandidate of the group of voters from Soria ¡Ya!, voted at around 10:30 at the Castilla institute in the capital of Soria and wished that the voting proceed normally and “with a mobilization of the vote”.

Ceña has expressed his confidence that the result of this 13F will finally allow Sorianos to have a voice in the regional courts. “Although in the whole of Castilla y León, the polls spoke of very high abstention, in Soria it was not like that. I hope a mobilization of the vote, because it is important vote to then claim the exercise of rights of all kinds,” he said.

Pascual (XAV) calls to vote “with freedom and enthusiasm”

The head of the list of Por Ávila (XAV), Pedro Pascual, has called for participation in “one of the most important elections for the Community and for the province”. Pascual has deposited the vote in the table installed in the Avila Fire Stationwhere he has been accompanied, among others, by the mayor of the city and vice-president of Por Ávila, Jesús Manuel Sánchez Cabrera, and by the president of the party, José Ramón Budiño.

XAV’s number one has invited voters to go to the polls “with freedom and enthusiasm” before elections that are “very important for the future of the province” because part of the problems of the people of Avila will be settled in the regional Parliament.

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