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We reached the end of 2021 and the video game industry has returned to leave us memorable works. It has been a sector that has also suffered the effects of the pandemic (translated into certain delays of some releases), but it has endured much better than others. Here we present you a list with ten games you should not have missed and that you still have time to include the Magi in your letter. They are ordered by departure date, since their quality order must be put by each of the readers / listeners based on their personal tastes and abilities; And as many good titles have been left out of this very restricted list, in the end we also review several titles that have been important this year for different reasons.

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The Medium

In January 2021, The Medium hit the market for Xbox Series and PC, and PS5 users had to wait until September to enjoy it. A title of psychological terror starring a young woman capable of communicating with the dead and channeling energy to function ‘on the other side’ of reality. Its aroma of Silent Hill (including the soundtrack of Akira Yamaoka) and the commitment to environmental terror rather than scares make it highly recommended for lovers of survival horror, although it is true that it could look even more changing some mechanics of Advance.

Resident Evil Village

The eighth part of the main Resident Evil saga, Village, arrived in May for PS5 / PS5, Xbox Series / One, PC and Stadia. Like the previous installment, it opted for the first-person perspective, but it focused more on the action in the vein of the third and fourth part of the saga, with novelties such as hunting animals and preparing food. Our protagonist must find his daughter and survive a terrifying village controlled by four ruthless leaders, among which the enormous Lady Dimitrescu and his vampire daughters. Among the various enemies we also find lycanthropes.

Ratchet and Clank: A Dimension Apart

In June PS5 received one of the best games of platforms of the year, Ratchet and Clank: A dimension apart. The lombax protagonist discovers that he is not the only one of his kind as he tries to thwart the destructive plans of Doctor Nefarious. We travel through different dimensions wielding a number of weapons and tools as we jump endlessly into the humorous Ratchet and Clank universe. A hilarious action-packed animated film, no doubt.


In the section of the most original games of the year we can include Deathloop, which landed in September for PS5 and PC. It’s about a shooter (first person shooter game) but with a looping narrative that favors our advance as we fall in each of our attempts and we discover the fastest and most effective way to survive. We play Colt, who does not even know of the existence of the loop when he wakes up after falling for the first time at the hands of Julianna, his arch nemesis. The variety of weapons and the changes in the environment and the behavior of the enemies in the different time slots of the day are its best points.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Also in September, PS5 and PS4 users were able to enjoy Kena: Bridge of Spirits. A colorful third-person adventure with touches of platforms and puzzles in which we take the role of a spiritual guide who must help the ancient inhabitants of a village to achieve eternal rest. It is another of those cases in which we feel we are protagonists of an animated film that could perfectly be signed by Pixar.

Far Cry 6

Back in October, Far Cry 6 invited us to travel to a Caribbean island immersed in a crude social revolution. Available on PS5 / PS4, Xbox Series / One, PC and Stadia, this adventure / first-person shooter has also introduced us to one of the most charismatic villains of recent times: Antón Castillo. A large arsenal with handcrafted modifications, guerrilla warfare and the hooliganism typical of the Far Cry saga come together in a title with great freedom to tackle each of the missions to fight the tyrant.

Metroid Dread

This list also could not miss a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Spanish invoice (Mercury Steam) and a mythical saga: Metroid Dread. The huntress becomes prey in this latest installment praised by international audiences and critics. Intricate horizontal and vertical levels, quick decisions and an advance designed to recover previously forgotten combat skills and mobility make up one of the best installments of the Metroid saga, and that is saying a lot.

Forza Horizon 5

Lovers of arcade driving have also had a great launch this year. Forza Horizon 5 was released last November for Xbox Series / One and PC with a wonderful setting in Mexico. This guarantees us spectacular races through desert areas, jungle areas, small towns and also urban circuits, with a true obsession for detail in graphic recreation. With half a thousand vehicles of the best brands at our disposal, driving in Forza Horizon 5 is pure spectacle on wheels.

Warzone Pacific

In early December the battle royale gratuito de Call of Duty it changed maps and became Warzone Pacific. With a new location set on a volcanic (Hawaiian?) Island called Caldera and with the addition of WWII weapons from Call of Duty Vanguard. It is true that the first weeks of life of this new map have not been without bugs and errors, but the future of the title promises as many hours of shooting or more than the old setting in Verdansk. Strategy, a wide variety of weapons and the tension of the battle royale come together in the enormous title.

Halo Infinite

And also in this last month of the year Halo Infinite was released for Xbox Series / One and PC. The Master Chief has before him for the first time a real open world where you can unleash your laser shots in battles that have recovered the style of yesteryear (abilities through power orbs) and now with the added mobility of a new hook. The multiplayer mode is free for all users, and has vehicles to enhance large-scale strategies.

These have been some of the best games of the year, but there are many more. It Takes Two, Returnal, Battlefield 2042, Riders Republic, Tales of Arise, Rustler or Age of Empires IV could have perfectly entered this Top 10. The best of all was chosen by each of the players, which is yours? So far the SER Jugones this week, have a good time.

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