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Billie Eilish and Vanity Fair have established a tradition that has lasted for five years: every October 18 they repeat the same interview, with the same questions, but with different answers, of course. Number of followers, most illustrious new follower, most successful post of the last year …

It started with 15 years and 257,000 followers, and this year it has responded with 19 years and more than 90 million followers.

During this time, the teenager with the colored hair has been transformed into a young woman of legal age and a less striking look. His most successful post of the year, in fact, was his first photo with blonde hair (more than 23 million likes)

Last year she replied that she had not been recognized on the street for months (because she stopped going out because of the pandemic), and upon seeing that response, a year later, Billie Eilish assures that that girl was going through an identity crisis. “I didn’t want to go out at all. But in the last year I have opened more and I am grateful for the fact that I was able to go out without glasses, a mask, a coat and a hat.

Now they recognize me less because I no longer have green hair, but if it happens, these happy with it and I know how to behave,

Eilish reflects on the reactions that her new look produced, with supporters and detractors, and ensures that, if she has wanted to make something clear, it is that you always have to dress and behave as you want. You have to be

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Ate the Billie Eilish of 2019, who claimed to have more confidence in herself than she had ever had, the Billie Eilish of 2021 recognizes that she has not returned to equal that moment of ego, but in return points out that now she is experiencing the beginning of his adulthood and that that too is fine. New experiences and a lot of love, she says with a smile.

In 2018, he said he did not feel pressure. Something that the Billie Eilish of 2021 calls, openly a lie. And in 2019, “trying to convince herself.”

A much more mature appearance

He would utter phrases with which he did not even agree. Crazy! When I see interviews from that time it seems to me that it was all very stupid. What I really thought was that I was overwhelmed, that I hated that situation, that everyone expected a lot from me. I want cars, tatatas, and my moklan jewelry. That’s what I was thinking.

At that moment I felt very loved and was afraid of losing that love. Right now I have tons of people who hate me, so I don’t care anymore. If you liked me well and if not, too.

In the last year he has released an album with which he has won two more Grammys (and he already has seven), but the James Bond film with which he has collaborated with a song has also been released

She is also going to release a perfume and has managed to get Oscar de la Renta to stop wearing fur. I hope that more companies make decisions that are committed to the environment to help the world instead of making it worse.

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The technological advance that has impacted him the most is the vaccine, he appeals, not only for

His favorite artist from last year was Arlo Parks. This year, instead, he has cited The Dø Shake Shook Shaken has been his biggest influence during the writing of the last album.

the summer weather depresses you, while the rain makes you feel good

feels powerful on stage


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