Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons beans ranked against Heinz and one 35p tin came out top

Heinz baked beans are undoubtedly the most popular brand in the UK, but at £1 a tin, shoppers visiting supermarkets like ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons may be tempted to try their own brands to save money.

However, many people worry that the supermarket own-brand products won’t match up against the classic taste of Heinz baked beans.

One reporter from Hull Live put supermarket brand baked beans to the test to see how they really stand up against Heinz.

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They bought beans from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons.

Here’s what they thought.

Ignore the cremated toast. To each their own, and all that.


Heinz beans scored 7/10
Heinz beans scored 7/10

We’ll start with Ivan’s thoughts on the mighty Heinz, which is described as “easily the most expensive” at £1 for the 415g tin.

Out of all the options, Heinz iconic design is seen as the prettiest out of all of them.

Ivan said: “And these were very enjoyable beans, with a notably sweeter taste also to the tomato sauce which they were bathed in.

“Not much else to say here, a quality tin of beans.”



ASDA beans scored poorly
ASDA beans scored poorly

First up was Asda’s version which will only set customers back 25p for a 210g tin.

On the supermarket’s option Ivan said: “I did not really notice at the time but these beans had a much brighter red color to them than any of the other brands taste tested.

“Aesthetically, the most pleasant on the eye.”

However, the tin immediately lost points for causing a slight injury to the thumb when they tried to peel the tin lid back after being opened with a tin-opener.

The flavor was not enough to save the dish from the mishap either as Ivan said: “they were really not that flavorsome for me.

A blandness that made them instantly forgettable.”



Sainsbury's beans were average at best
Sainsbury’s beans were average at best

Following the accidental injury and disappointment that was Asda, next one on the list was the Sainsbury’s version.

Ivan splashed out a bit more on this tin by purchasing a 35p 200g tin of beans from the popular Taste The Difference range.

On this option he said: “A worthy effort, with beans that had flavor to them and not just the tomato sauce.

“Alas, where these beans fell bottom of the class was on tin design. The tin had a can opener and this instantly broke without having peeled back any part of the top, or under much pressure at all.”

The tin also was giving a bit of kudos from Ivan as it did not leave any minor injuries after they had to open the tin with a small knife as a tin-opener was not suitable.



Tesco beans didn't impress
Tesco beans didn’t impress

Next up was a good value for money 32p 420g tin of baked beans from popular supermarket chain Tesco.

Ivan felt that these beans held their own against the slightly burned toast that they were armed with to make a simple but delicious meal.

The reporter said of the beans: “With the toast, the Tesco beans held their own and had just the right level of tomato sauce to achieve decent, but not outrageous, saturation levels of the bread.

“But when the toast was gone and only beans and sauce were left, the taste was markedly less appealing in a stark contrast that I did not experience with any of the other brands.”

Despite holding their own with the toast, the taste alone of the beans were not enough to warrant being ate on their own.



Morrisons beans tasted better than Heinz
Morrisons beans tasted better than Heinz

The last supermarket to be tested was Morrisons, which turned out to be quite a surprise.

This was the one that Ivan had to wait on the longest as they, unfortunately, could not find them and the toast was just a bit more burned this time around.

That being said, this 220g tin from Morrisons costing just 35p managed to beat out all of the other supermarket options and took the crown for the best own-brand version.

Despite having less sauce, Ivan said of the humble tin: “It was just as delicious as rival contestant Heinz and I was disappointed when I had mopped up the last bean.

“A mark extra credit is also awarded to this brand compared to Heinz, purely because of the greater value for money.”



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